Animal sex in the spotlight

Each species of animal has a unique way of life and the lesser known stories of their love lives will be unveiled during the “Seacon Pet Planet: Animals in Love” tomorrow.

Mandarin ducks.

Running at the Fountain Court, 1st floor of Seacon Square on Srinakarin Road until March 31, the 10-day event gathers various species of animals with different sexual behaviours.

Visitors will learn about their mysterious matchmaking ways, which can be narrowed down to four broad types: monogamy, male polygamy, female polygamy, and male and female promiscuity.

Representing monogamy, where the animals choose a partner and stay together for the rest of their lives, will be mandarin ducks, swans, Harlequin shrimps, seahorses, red foxes, silver foxes, galah cockatoos, toucans, maroon clownfish, mudskippers and octopuses.

Among the polygamous male animals on show will be a four-horned Jacob sheep accompanied by fellow animals who share a similar sexual behaviour, including an Angora goat, Shetland pony, day gecko, sea urchin, sea cucumber, monkey-tailed skink, wallaby, crocodile, Victoria crowned pigeon and Cape porcupine.

The fair is also a rare chance to see polygamous female animals who mate with multiple male counterparts and then leave them to raise the offspring. They include the Cassowary bird, Horseshoe crab, giant honey bees, Himalayan newt and tarantula.

Male and female promiscuity is the last form of sexual behaviour of the animals presented at the fair. They meet and mate only once. This pattern sometimes leads to new species or what is known as cross-breeding. Visitors will take a glimpse of animals such as the Spiderman lizard (Mwanza flat-headed rock agama lizard), mallard, horned frog, red-footed tortoise, starfish, lionfish and various dog breeds.

There is no admission fee.  Call 02-721-8888 ext 313/4.

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