Dear Capricorn, your hard work is much appreciated by people at the office. You’re somebody with important responsibilities. Lovers don’t get to spend enough QT together. Singles meet younger admirers.

Dear Aquarius, you’ll be handed assignments you’ve never done before. You may become a freelancer or get to work in an environment that allows you to perform at your best. Lovers may fight over money issues.

Dear Pisces, you succeed in completing tasks you’ve never done before. You’ll get what you want. A scholarship is on the cards for uni students or researchers. Pisceans in love quarrel often. Singles should brace for unrequited love.

Dear Aries, you feel uneasy about doing something you’re not good at. A conflict may cause a demotion which greatly dims your career. Income arrives late so spend with care. You and your partner may mutually decide to separate.

Dear Taurus, obstacles go away and a chance for you to complete a masterpiece arises. You may get to do business with foreigners. Lovers learn to forgive each other. Singles find love while on the road.

Dear Gemini, your relationship with colleagues improves. Assignments that were put on hold resume. You need a middleman to help you seal a deal. If you have an affair, you may be exposed.

Dear Cancer, you now feel certain about things you were unsure of. A project you have been working on for some time reaps rewards. Lovers may conceive a baby. If you’re single, your admirer wants to sleep with you ASAP.

Dear Leo, don’t ask others to do what you should do yourself. Your income shrinks. You may lose or damage someone else’s valuable item. Schedules prevent you and your lover from spending time together.

Dear Virgo, your plan comes to fruition. A dream job will be yours. Someone may try to extort money from you. A piece of fortune via a homosexual is possible. A new lover may be on the horizon after a clean break-up.

Dear Libra, don’t turn women at your office into enemies and your career will prosper. You spend too much on fashionable items. Singles enjoy their freedom but don’t meet anyone they fancy.

Dear Scorpio, you go to many places. A freelance job with good pay awaits you. Expect some troubles while travelling. Lovers become bored with each other. Singles, you fall for someone who doesn’t fancy you while you neglect the person who does.

Dear Sagittarius, your output gets overlooked. Don’t rush into making promises. You ask a debtor to pay you back to no avail. Lovers are kind towards one another. Singles find love while in a hospital.