The big banger theory


Off the back of the recent Bangkok burger revolution comes the hot dog race. Although the latest player Bangers will no doubt produce some pretty interesting results in a Google search, the new outlet is simple enough and does what it says on the tin. It’s the second incarnation of the space, first imagined as the pretty forgettable Print Bar by David Stanton, formerly of the hotel F&B scene. This time round, he’s a little wiser and has joined forces with Chris Foo of Brew fame, to tackle the big banger theory. The result? A niche hot dog and beer outlet smack bang in the middle of Thong Lor. What’s not to like? Inside, the decor and poky interior hasn’t changed enough just yet to lure people off the street for a sit-down meal (although there’s room for 30), but the menu certainly will fuel plenty of night-time punters, particularly if the place can cheekily manage to stay open after all the nearby bars close.

Bangers International Mon-Sat noon-1am, Sun noon-midnight 159/10 Sukhumvit Soi 55 02-392-1556


It’s a one-card deal, offering a tasty spread of hot and sausage dogs of many varieties (from five meat suppliers, no less). The buns come from local bread champs Maison Jean Philippe. All-day breakfast (B240) is a complete package of sausage, egg, cheese, bacon bits, onions and HP sauce to brilliant and full-stodge effect. Cup o’ bangers & mash (B180) is just that with some tasty gravy sloshed over and no superfluous garnish to confuse the matter. Casablanca (B220) is a Moroccan lamb sausage with cucumber-mint yoghurt, harissa and red onion for a more adventurous but less dazzling result. Make your own for B200 if you’re feeling adventurous. With Chris involved, the beer selections are naturally on point, with everything from Bangkok newcomers Mikkeller - American Dream (B240) to Coopers Stout (B240) to Brewdog Punk IPA (B240). Maybe some pairing suggestions might work, now that Bangkok is getting a little savvier. Don’t miss the authentic and delicious milk shakes too (B120-B140, plus B120 for a shot of rum), or a mango slushie for a hangover softener (B120) out of Print’s coveted old ginger slushy machine.


If you’re caught on the hop between venues in Thong Lor on a night out with an empty belly, swing by for a quick comfort fix. Not quite a destination in itself, it will still leave plenty of local punters finding an excuse to drop by Thong Lor.


There is some pretty colourful cartoonish graf on the south wall inside for a photo op. Also, the free-for-all illustration motif in the toilet continues, expletives and all, which is also worth a snap or two.


As a daytime fast food outlet, Bangers might get lost in the throng of options on the strip for most people except for diehard hot dog fans. However, it’s so good to have some late-night options in Bangkok other than the Minor majors et al. Bangers might just become a go-to spot after midnight and beyond, competing with the likes of 25 Degrees in Silom and Firehouse in Sukhumvit Soi 11, if they could just appease the closing hour guardians that be (and maybe offer delivery). G

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