Dear Capricorn, a promotion or employee of the month title awaits you. People praise you for your dedication. Those already in love attract a new admirer at a party. Singles, you meet someone you really like but don’t feel comfortable enough to date him/her openly yet.

Dear Aquarius, use your words wisely as they may attract good opportunities. You will do well at a job application, business negotiation or presentation. People like your one-of-a-kind idea. Singles should make the first move on their love interests now.

Dear Pisces, a legal dispute will come to an amicable end. Things causing you stress at the office will go away. An old project resumes. You may want to try your hand at fortune-telling as you have a knack for it. Couples argue a lot and you will lose most debates.

Dear Aries, you get things done smoothly due to helpful and cooperative colleagues. If you want to start a business, recruit the help of your spouse. The jobless will receive an offer from a powerful lady. Lovers may conceive a baby. Parents encourage you two to get married.

Dear Taurus, you get things done as planned. A lawsuit will be settled. A dream job is on the cards. You may have to pay a lot of money for your clumsiness. Lovers drift apart. If you get dumped, you will find new love soon.

Dear Gemini, be extra careful in whatever you do. Someone is waiting for you to make a wrong move. Keep important information to yourself. Someone may try to copy your work. If you’re single, a colleague who’s already taken is smitten with you.

Dear Cancer, brace for a competitor who has advantages over you. You may lose this time but it may lead to a second chance and a prize. Shop carefully or you may end up buying two of the same thing. Lovers may go on a honeymoon or visit a place where they share fond memories.

Dear Leo, a longstanding conflict ends. A new assistant or business partner is on the cards. You may spend more on healthcare. Leonians in love may have an affair with a co-worker. Singles may experience unrequited love.

Dear Virgo, your hard work gets recognised by office biggies who may entrust you with an important job or project. The unemployed may be offered a job in a foreign land. Lovers understand each other more. Singles find love in the workplace.

Dear Libra, foes turn into friends. A past success attracts a new opportunity. Your former boss may want you back. Those who work with children will have lots of success. You don’t have to save much because someone may lend you cash. Singles may gain a lover but will lose a friend.

Dear Scorpio, expect slow progress at the office. A boss is willing to help or advise you. A breakthrough success is possible for those who work in education or research. Reconciliation is possible for couples. If you’re single, the person you go out with may have a homosexual past.

Dear Sagittarius, you may not get what you want from a contest, job application or auction. Entrepreneurs may revise how they run their businesses or develop their old projects. A long-term investment yields good returns. Singles may become involved in a love triangle without knowing it.