Hired killer apologizes, regrets killing parents

Hired killer learns was hired to kill parents, feels sorry. Was promised car, gold necklaces & Buddha amulets for the killing.

Sirichai Phoemphunsak during yesterday’s re-enactment of the crime at the Homchong family’s house. Col Vichai Homchong, 63, a retired army officer, his wife, Vanida, 57, and their elder son Pol Lt Thanatpong Homchong, 24, were found shot dead at their home on Thursday. Pornprom Satrabhaya


Suspected Homchong family killer turns himself in


The suspected hitman wanted for murdering three members of the Homchong family in Bang Kae district last week has turned himself in to the police.

Sirichai Phoemphunsak met officers at Sutthisan police station late on Sunday night after learning from news reports that his victims were the parents and elder brother of the man who allegedly hired him to carry out the murders.

Appearing at a press conference at the Metropolitan Police Bureau yesterday alongside city police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, Mr Sirichai, 42, said he was ''sorry'' for the crime he committed, after learning details about the murdered family.

The victims, Col Vichai Homchong, 63, a retired army officer, his wife, Vanida, 57, and their elder son Pol Lt Thanatpong Homchong, 24, were found shot dead at their home on Kanchanaphisek Road on Thursday.

Police said Kittinan Homchong, 22, the youngest son, along with his friend Sakkarin Phanthukun, 22, allegedly colluded in a plot to hire Mr Sirichai and two other people — Chalat Thiangtham, 53, and Suraphong Chuphan, 47 — to kill his father, mother and elder brother.

All five suspects are currently in police custody.

Police said that Mr Kittinan was believed to have become infuriated by his father's refusal to transfer a plot of land worth one million baht to him, and for frequently criticising and scolding him for his bad behaviour.

At the press conference, Mr Sirichai said he had been contracted to commit the crime by Mr Sakkarin via Mr Chalat.

Mr Sirichai said he was initially offered one million baht for the job but he rejected the offer because Mr Sakkarin refused to pay him a 30,000-baht advance.

Mr Chalat later approached him again. This time Mr Sakkarin accepted the job because Mr Chalat said Mr Sakkarin and Mr Kittinan had been cheated in a land deal and they needed help.

He said his employers promised to buy him a car and give him gold necklaces and Buddha amulets after the hit was completed.

Mr Sirichai admitted he killed his three victims after Mr Chalat drove him and Mr Suraphong to the Homchong family's two-storey house.

Police yesterday took Mr Sirichai to re-enact the murders of the three victims at the Homchong house.

On the night of the murders, Mr Sirichai said he entered the Homchong family home and found Pol Lt Thanatpong, 24, a Taling Chan police officer, watching television.

Mr Sirichai said he ordered the victim to lie face down before putting a pillow over his head and shooting him.

Mr Sirichai then shot dead Col Vichai and Vanida, using the same method.

The pillow was used to silence the sound of the gunfire.


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