Diet Point: Weight Loss

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Many of us have issues with our figure. Being overweight deprives us of self-confidence and also causes health-related concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood cholesterol and hypertension.

Losing weight is beneficial, therefore, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to improve self-esteem and health. There are various ways of doing this in this technological age, including an application called Diet Point: Weight Loss. This free app introduces more than 150 diet plans that are divided into 14 categories, including Six Most Successful, Detox Plans, Low Cholesterol, By Your Blood Type, Vegetarian Plans, Celebrity Plans and For Busy People, among others to suit users’ requirements. The application includes many useful tips to benefit the health, like for example eating red peppers, which are high in Vitamin C and are good for your adrenal glands, skin, blood vessels and heart.

The interface is impressively easy to use. Each plan has two major parts. The first part, “Shopping List”, offers things you should buy every day like chicken breast, eggs and brown rice. The second part, “Meal Reminders”, is helpful for those who find it difficult to keep to a schedule and follow the selected plan on time. The app triggers an alarm when it is time for meals, including snack times.

The application also shows how many kilograms you will lose each month depending on particular diet plan. The Gaga Diet plan, for example, will help you lose 4.2kg, The Tea Diet 3.9kg and 3-Day Low Calorie 5kg.

The app also has a forum where users are allowed to share ideas and communicate with others with the same goal.