Ex-ranger arrested with bomb cache

Bombs were for use in Bangkok, suspect admits

A former army ranger has been arrested in Lop Buri with an AK assault firearm, more than a thousand of bullets and many improvised bombs for use in Bangkok.

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Soldiers and police searched a house Nong Muang district on Tuesday night and detained Chawawat Thongpuak, 54, a former ranger from Lop Buri, Pol Maj Gen Montri Yimyeam, Lop Buri police commander, said. 

They found an AK gun, along with 1,150 bullets of various calibres and 21 home-made explosive devices, including 11 TNT bombs, one metal pipe bomb and five plastic pipe bombs. The weapons were hidden under his bed and in a cluster of trees behind the house.

Mr Chaowawat admitted he was hired by two women in Bangkok to provide weapons and make the bombs, which were to be sent to Bangkok, Pol Maj Gen Montri saiud.

The suspect said he had already delivered one batch of bombs, but did not know where they were used.

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