NACC indicts 2 more ex-senators

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has indicted two more former senators for misconduct in connection with the draft charter amendment seeking to change the make-up of the Upper House.

NACC secretary-general Sansern Poljiak said ex-senator for Chiang Rai Paradee Chongsukthanamanee and ex-senator for Phayao Lt Gen Pongake Apirakyothin were indicted, taking the total number of former senators accused of malfeasance to 38. All are former elected senators whose term expired in early March. They could face a five-year ban from politics.

The indictment follows a Constitutional Court ruling which found the charter amendment in violation of Section 68 of the charter. Section 68 prohibits attempts to overthrow the democratic system of government in which the King is head of state.