NCPO 'not involved' in more free films

A deputy spokesman of the military regime said Monday it is entirely up to theatre owners whether to provide more free screenings of The Legend of King Naresuan 5: The Elephant Duel.

Col Winthai Suvaree was responding to calls by people from provinces with no cinemas, who were unable to take advantage of the nationwide showing of the film on Sunday morning. They have appealed to the regime to provide an outdoor screening in their hometowns.

"The NCPO was a supporter and not the host" of the Sunday showing, Col Winthai said, so it would be up to the film's producers, cinema operators and others in the private sector to decide. 

Col Winthai said some people had proposed to sponsor outdoor screenings of the ancient Ayutthaya-Burmese war film in provinces without cinemas.

The NCPO said it had no authority to interfere with the private sector over a second round of free shows. 

The NCPO was also aware of concerns and criticism about use of state funds on unbudgeted, populist initiatives, Col Winthai said. He urged film fans to talk to cinema opeators to find a solution.

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Writer: Wassana Nanuam
Position: Reporter