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  1. 31. news | 18 Jan 2015

    EU seeks Muslim anti-terror help after Paris attacks

    By AFP

    » EU foreign ministers called Monday for an alliance with Muslim countries to fight the growing Islamist militant threat as anger over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons fed fresh protests and violence.

  2. 32. news | 17 Jan 2015

    Militias announce Libya truce after Geneva accord

    By AFP

    » An Islamist-backed militia alliance on Friday announced a ceasefire in conflict-strewn Libya, following an agreement at UN-brokered peace talks between warring factions.

  3. 33. news | 19 Feb 2015

    HK's 'wolf' tells people to be 'like sheep'

    By Reuters

    » HONG KONG — City leader CY Leung, nicknamed the "wolf" by critics, said residents of the Chinese-controlled region should be more like sheep after a year "rife with differences", including months of sometimes-violent pro...

  4. 34. learning | 04 Nov 2013

    (Updated) Busy protest day

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » As night falls, the Democrats are at Democracy Monument after marching most of the day; the Uruphong protest site has been reinforced and a network of business people has held a huge rally in the Silom area – all opposin...

  5. 35. opinion | 02 Jan 2015

    Planning for the worst reduces risk

    natural disasters

    Newspaper section: News

    » When Typhoon Hagupit made landfall in the Philippines on Dec 6, memories of Typhoon Haiyan, which killed more than 6,300 people, were fresh in people's minds. Some 227,000 families — more than a million people — wer...

  6. 36. learning | 21 Nov 2012

    Most people like first car scheme

    About government

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Most people like govt's tax reduction to help people buy first car but some see problems: traffic jams, lost govt revenue, people deeper in debt.

  7. 37. news | 25 Feb 2015

    Protests blamed as Hong Kong misses growth targets

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Hong Kong's leadership blamed months of pro-democracy protests Wednesday as the economy fell well short of predicted growth in 2014, and warned that "prolonged political bickering" could do more damage t...

  8. 38. opinion | 25 Feb 2015

    Thailand should steadfastly reject 'the China model'


    By Songkran Grachangnetara, Newspaper section: News

    » Thailand is now becoming increasingly isolated by the West. We have effectively been subjected to a "democracy downgrade", which has pushed us ever closer into the sinister embrace of Asia's only superpower, China. ...

  9. 39. opinion | 24 Feb 2015

    Fixing flaws on the path to democracy

    » The new Ambassador to the United States, Pisan Manawapat, presented his credentials to US President Barack Obama Monday, asking for understanding and support

  10. 40. business | 16 Feb 2015

    A common man for uncommon times


    By Umesh Pandey, Newspaper section: Asia focus

    » The past week has been an interesting one, at least in terms of democracy, in the world's largest democratic country, India.

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