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  1. 1. opinion | 16 Jan 2015

    Je suis Nattanan

    By Anchalee Kongrut, Newspaper section: Life

    » No, I’m not trying to drag you into a debate about free speech, the celebrated value that underlines the “Je suis Charlie” movement, which erupted as a tribute to the cartoonists and editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo, who...

  2. 2. news | 13 Jan 2015

    Mohammed holds 'Je suis Charlie' sign in new Charlie Hebdo

    By AFP

    » The cover of the first edition of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo since its staff were murderously attacked by Islamist gunmen last week shows a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed crying and holding up a "Je suis ...

  3. 3. multimedia | 08 Jan 2015

    "I am Charlie" worldwide

    By Bangkok Post

    » People from different places around the world gather and hold signs reading "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) to commemorate the victims and condemn the shooting at the Paris offices of satirical weekly newspaper Charlie ...

  4. 4. learning | 24 Dec 2012

    “Charlie bit me,” the musical version

    Learning verb tenses

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Is simple past tense a problem? A musical (autotuned) version of the famous “Charlie bit me” YouTube video will have you using it correctly in no time.

  5. 5. opinion | 09 Jan 2015

    We stand with Je Suis Charlie


    Newspaper section: News

    » The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, or "I am Charlie", spread around the world hours after the horrific attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. It's a message of solidarity, an attempt by people from different co...

  6. 6. news | 29 Jan 2015

    Top comics festival honours Charlie Hebdo in France

    By AFP

    » One of the world's leading comics festivals opened in France on Thursday under tight security as it dedicated this year's event to the murdered cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo.

  7. 7. news | 24 Jan 2015

    Charlie Hebdo protests erupt across southern Asia

    By AFP

    » ISLAMABAD - Tens of thousands across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Muslim-majority Indian Kashmir took to the streets on Friday for southern Asia's biggest protests yet against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's ca...

  8. 8. news | 21 Jan 2015

    West's defence of Charlie Hebdo worries moderate Asia Muslims

    By AFP

    » KUALA LUMPUR - The West's defence of Charlie Hebdo's right to offend is testing the patience of Muslims even in moderate Indonesia and Malaysia, who fear it could fuel radical sentiment kindled by the Islamic S...

  9. 9. news | 20 Jan 2015

    Huge anti-Charlie Hebdo rally in Chechnya as global protests rumble on

    By AFP

    » The backlash over Charlie Hebdo rumbled on Monday after days of bloodshed in Niger, with a huge rally in Chechnya against the magazine's cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, Afghan protesters burning the French flag an...

  10. 10. news | 19 Jan 2015

    45 churches torched in Niger capital in Charlie Hebdo protests

    By AFP

    » Forty-five churches were torched over the weekend in Niger's capital during deadly protests over the publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, police said on Monday.

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