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  1. 11. multimedia | 13 Jan 2015

    A day in photos

    By Bangkok Post

    » In today's photo gallery, we feature onlookers at a crash site, a fitness centre with a bedroom, a homeless man eating a piece of bread and a young woman wearing no trousers skiing. 

  2. 12. lifestyle | 12 Jan 2015

    A hot manuscript

    Newspaper section: Life

    » Critics are taken to task by artists, writers, chefs, architects, etc, for giving thumbs up or down to their finished products, without taking into consideration the time and effort they put into creating it. To which we...

  3. 13. news | 04 Jan 2015

    9 choke to death on Japanese 'mochi'

    By AFP

    » Nine people have choked to death in Japan after eating traditional glutinous "mochi" rice cakes to celebrate the New Year, an official and local media said Sunday.

  4. 14. news | 04 Jan 2015

    Something rotten in the state of Thailand

    Newspaper section: Spectrum

    » Whether being compared to eating a sweet raspberry blancmange in a lavatory or French-kissing your dead grandmother, there is an undeniable stench attached to the durian.

  5. 15. learning | 02 Jul 2014

    Beware of poisonous mushrooms

    About food safety

    » As rainy season starts & mushroom gathering in the forest begins, many have fallen sick after eating Hed Ra-ngok Hin (Death Cap) Amanita phalloides. Small but deadly toxic mushrooms.

  6. 16. learning | 02 May 2014

    Pet animal cafes of Bangkok

    About food & entertainment

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Do you love rabbits? cats? dogs? Bangkok cafes that combine eating fun food with making new animal friends await you.

  7. 17. learning | 24 Jan 2014

    Not the News: Stories that turned out to be hoaxes

    About the news & social media

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Can you tell real news from fake news? From snake girls to Nagas met walking to the bathroom to Thais eating an African man.

  8. 18. learning | 03 Dec 2013

    Smoking, junk food, unsafe sex rising

    About health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Drug & alcohol abuse, unhealthy eating & unsafe sex spreading, leading to shorter lives & endangering families (download free report).

  9. 19. learning | 04 Jul 2013

    Ganesh museum: 5 heads, 16 arms, 2,000 statues

    About religion

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Whether Ganesh is dancing, riding his rat or just eating sweets, learn his 32 styles & the best way to worship him for you.

  10. 20. learning | 25 Jan 2013

    Losing weight with high-protein diets

    About health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Eating more eggs & meat & less carbs (noodles, bread, rice) means your body begins burning its own fat for fuel, so you feel less hungry & lose weight.

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