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  1. 1. news | 03 Jan 2015

    Full Moon party may draw 40,000

    By Supapong Chaolan

    » Many foreign tourists have extended their stay on Koh Phangan island in Surat Thani to join the popular Full Moon party, which is expected to draw about 40,000 party-goers on Sunday, a senior tourism officer said on Satu...

  2. 2. news | 04 Jan 2015

    '40,000 tourists' due to revel at Full Moon party

    By Supapong Chaolan, Newspaper section: News

    » Many foreign tourists have extended their stays on Koh Phangan to join the popular Full Moon party, which is expected to draw about 40,000 revellers today, a senior tourism officer said.

  3. 3. learning | 09 Oct 2014

    Full moon party draws island tourists – despite murders

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Tourists travelling to Koh Phangan in large numbers for the full moon party wouldn't normally be news, but after the double murders on nearby Koh Tao, organisers are clearly relieved that the worst seems to be over.

  4. 4. learning | 24 Jun 2013

    The supermoon show

    Easy Engish news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » If you like moon photos, you have thousands of new ones to choose from on the internet today. The reason, of course, is the moon has just given us its biggest and brightest full moon of the year.

  5. 5. lifestyle | 23 Jan 2015

    Discovering the unique 'Grey Side of the Moon'

    By Pamela Tan, Newspaper section: Life

    » Leading Swiss watch manufacturer, Omega welcomes the New Year in style with the unveiling in Bangkok of the Speedmaster "Grey Side of the Moon", a solid ceramic timepiece created using a particularly innovative process. ...

  6. 6. learning | 27 Oct 2014

    Beach party ban

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » The popular Full Moon party stays, but other parties on Surat Thani's islands have been cancelled indefinitely "for security reasons".

  7. 7. learning | 16 Nov 2010

    Positive discipline

    Newspaper section: Learningpost

    » It will be a full-moon night again on Nov 21, and Thais around the country will be out in full force to celebrate the traditional festival to express appreciation for rivers. For some teachers, this occasion could be use...

  8. 8. lifestyle | 19 Dec 2014

    Orbit the Moon

    By Noko  , Newspaper section: Life

    » Tomorrow's new Moon cannot be seen, yet stargazers know well that the planetoid is still there floating in space.

  9. 9. learning | 09 Oct 2014

    'Blood moon' puts on a show

    Lunar eclipse

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » The weather wasn't particularly good for viewing the "blood moon" lunar eclipse here, but Mother Nature put on a great show elsewhere. And there is more to come.

  10. 10. learning | 16 Dec 2013

    Moon success for China

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » China's Jade Rabbit rover vehicle sent back photos from the moon Sunday after the first lunar soft landing in nearly four decades.

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