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  1. 81. learning | 28 Oct 2012

    AEC in 2015? That speels trouble


    By Andrew Biggs, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » I am dedicating this column to the Watthana police because the men in skin-tight brown rescued me this week.

  2. 82. learning | 22 May 2012

    Anti-money laundering blacklist spells trouble

    About banking

    By Jon Fernquest

    » With Thailand thrown on an international financial blacklist, difficulties sending money places, opening bank accounts & higher interest rates all likely.

  3. 83. learning | 24 Jan 2012


    Words in the news

    » a group of people or vehicles that move around a place in order to prevent trouble or crime หน่วยลาดตระเวน verb: the action of doing this ลาดตระเวน

  4. 84. learning | 01 Jun 2011

    Childless woman returns stolen baby

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Sureeporn Ratchawong, 33, is married but still childless. Her solution to her problem has, unfortunately, got her in big trouble.

  5. 85. learning | 25 Sep 2010

    Murder maths

    News shorts

    » Primary school math problem in Japan: How long it would take to kill 18 children at a rate of three murders a day. (Teacher is in trouble)

  6. 86. opinion | 23 Jan 2015

    All hail the parking stamp!


    By Sumati Sivasiamphai, Newspaper section: Guru

    » You know the scenario: It's a lazy afternoon, and with nothing better to do, you hop into your car and drive to one of Bangkok's many shopping malls/lifestyle centres/hypermarket chains/trendy cafes. You spend ...

  7. 87. learning | 11 Jan 2015

    What did you do on Children's Day?

    Really easy English news

    » Did you go somewhere where they had special activities or did you just make your own fun on Children's Day?

  8. 88. lifestyle | 09 Jan 2015

    Forever young


    By Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Newspaper section: Guru

    » Tomorrow (Jan 10) is Thai Children’s Day and we big kids at Guru think you should never forget your inner child. You can feel like a kid all year round, actually. No, we don’t mean sucking your thumb while no one is watc...

  9. 89. news | 04 Jan 2015

    Olympic movement must demand highest standards

    Newspaper section: Sports

    » It was Mahatma Gandhi who famously said ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’Whether forceful like a tidal wave or incrementally like a glacier, change is always hard. The hardest part is accepting that you ...

  10. 90. lifestyle | 02 Jan 2015

    Simple sophistication

    By Jarupat Buranastidporn, Newspaper section: Guru

    » Deep dish, thin and crispy, folded, oozing with cheese — so many options and so many pizzerias to choose from. Yet, everyone has their favourite — a sacred place if you will. And god forbid if somebody else comes along a...

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