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  1. 31. news | 06 Jan 2015

    Hong Kong protest teen will not be taken from parents

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - A 14-year-old pro-democracy protester in Hong Kong who faced being removed from his parents will be allowed to remain with his family, his lawyer said Monday, after an outcry over the treatment of minors who ...

  2. 32. news | 01 Jan 2015

    Hong Kong 'graffiti' teenager released on bail

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - A Hong Kong teenager who was arrested and sent to a children's home after she drew a flower on a wall famous for pro-democracy messages has been released on bail, authorities said Thursday.

  3. 33. news | 31 Dec 2014

    Hong Kong to cull 15,000 chickens after H7N9 virus found

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Hong Kong authorities said Wednesday they will cull 15,000 chickens after the deadly H7N9 virus was discovered in poultry imported from mainland China.

  4. 34. news | 30 Dec 2014

    Hong Kong protest teenager sent to children's home

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - A 14-year-old Hong Kong girl arrested for scribbling graffiti on a wall famous for the pro-democracy messages it carried has been sent to a children's home, her lawyer said Tuesday.

  5. 35. news | 25 Dec 2014

    Hong Kong police arrest protesters

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Hong Kong police said on Thursday they had arrested a dozen pro-democracy protesters after a night of clashes in the first sizeable rally since the last protest camp was cleared last week.

  6. 36. news | 24 Dec 2014

    Dash for cash as $2 million spills onto Hong Kong highway

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Boxes filled with more than US$2 million in cash spilled out of an armoured van onto a major Hong Kong highway on Wednesday, sparking a frenzy as drivers and passers-by tried to get their hands on the notes.

  7. 37. news | 24 Dec 2014

    Hong Kong protesters mark Christmas Eve with democracy march

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Around 100 pro-democracy demonstrators took to Hong Kong's streets on Wednesday to mark Christmas Eve, the first sizeable rally since the last of the protest camps which blocked main roads was cleared la...

  8. 38. news | 24 Dec 2014

    Hong Kong 'Occupy hotel' recreates protest camp for guests

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Hong Kong's pro-democracy protest camps may have been swept away but one man has recreated a rally site as an Occupy hotel -- where guests now pay to spend the night in a tent.

  9. 39. news | 14 Dec 2014

    Designs on Rome wins Hong Kong Cup

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Designs on Rome edged a thrilling victory on Sunday in the $3.23 million 2,000-metre Hong Kong Cup -- the most prestigious event at the southern Chinese city's Longines International Races.

  10. 40. news | 13 Dec 2014

    Hong Kong police to clear last Occupy protest site Monday

    By AFP

    » HONG KONG - Hong Kong police said Saturday they will clear out the last pro-democracy protest site early next week, days after the main camp was dismantled with over 200 demonstrators arrested.

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