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  1. 1. news | 21 Dec 2014

    Obama says NK hack 'not act of war'

    By Bloomberg News

    » The hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer system wasn’t “an act of war,” but was “an act of cyber vandalism,” U.S. President Barack Obama said.

  2. 2. news | 29 Jan 2015

    Philippines mourns police killed in anti-terror bloodbath

    By AFP

    » A long, slow procession of coffins draped in the Philippine flag poured out of military transport planes in Manila on Thursday, as the country mourned dozens of policemen killed in a botched anti-terror operation.

  3. 3. news | 21 Jan 2015

    Europe, France to unveil anti-terror plans after Paris attacks

    By AFP

    » PARIS - French and European officials will unveil details of anti-terror measures Wednesday to counter threats of new attacks and strengthen cooperation in the wake of deadly shootings in Paris.

  4. 4. news | 20 Jan 2015

    EU to launch anti-terror drive with Muslim countries

    By AFP

    » The EU said Monday it will launch anti-terror projects with Muslim nations and boost intelligence sharing following the Paris attacks, as anger over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons fed fresh protests and violence.

  5. 5. learning | 16 Jan 2015

    Belgium police kill 2 suspected militants as terror threat spreads

    European terror threat

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Europe's terror crisis is not over. First, France and now Belgium where police have shot dead two alleged militants in a gun battle Thursday, reportedly foiling plans of an imminent attack suspected to involve jihad...

  6. 6. news | 22 Dec 2014

    Pakistan to execute 500 terror convicts

    By AFP

    » ISLAMABAD - Pakistan plans to execute around 500 militants in coming weeks, officials said Monday, after the government lifted a moratorium on the death penalty in terror cases following a Taliban school massacre.

  7. 7. learning | 16 Feb 2012

    "Bombings the work of terror group"

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » More suspects were detained yesterday for suspected involvement in Tuesday's multiple bombings in Bangkok as the Israeli ambassador insists those arrested are part of a terror network.

  8. 8. learning | 14 Jan 2012

    Bangkok terror plot: updated

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Eleven countries have now issued terror alerts for Bangkok as the search continues for a man suspected to be involved in a plot to hit tourist areas.

  9. 9. opinion | 21 Dec 2014

    The real victims in the 'war of terror'


    Newspaper section: News

    » In the wake of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, the Australian prime minister at the time, John Howard, showed his first and arguably greatest act of leadership. Tough new gun laws were introduced, and semi-automatic we...

  10. 10. business | 30 Jan 2015

    IT law update, part 2: Amending the Computer Crimes Act gives cause for concern

    Corporate Counsellor

    By Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd, Newspaper section: Business

    » The cabinet of Thailand recently approved a series of bills that aim to reflect the importance of information technology in the economy. They relate to computers, cybersecurity, personal data, information technology and ...

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