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  1. 81. learning | 14 Sep 2011

    Nurses bring healthcare to homes

    About health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Nurse visits to homes catch life-threatening diseases early (diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease). Longer healthier lives, reduced cost for state healthcare, the result.

  2. 82. learning | 30 Aug 2011

    Wages catching up, labour shortage

    About labour

    By Jon Fernquest

    » 7.8% earn less than 1,687 a month, wages behind inflation and productivity, labour shortage as wages catch up.

  3. 83. learning | 19 Jul 2011


    Words in the news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » (1) to make a sudden attack on a place or group of people in order to surround and catch them โจมตีอย่างรวดเร็ว or (2) to move quickly down from the air, usually to make an attack โฉบลงอย่างรวดเร็ว...

  4. 84. learning | 28 Feb 2011

    Rural campaign against cervical cancer

    About health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Small health clinics in remote areas can catch some diseases like cervical cancer early before they are life-threatening.

  5. 85. learning | 14 Dec 2010

    Catch me if you can!


    By Steve Graham, Newspaper section: Learningpost

    » The pilots in Wing 23 in Udon Thani are once again "beefing up" their English-language skills to cope with the international scope of their duties.

  6. 86. learning | 15 Nov 2010

    Flight caught, man caught too

    News shorts

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » It seems like people will do anything to catch an airline flight.

  7. 87. news | 30 Jan 2015

    Marseille victims of 700,000 euro Chinese bank scam

    By AFP

    » MARSEILLE - French Ligue 1 giants Marseille were the victims of a 700,000 euro ($793,000) international bank transfer scam to China last year, sources close to the case told AFP on Friday.

  8. 88. news | 23 Jan 2015

    Train cleaner returns €3,000 to tourist

    By Cheewin Sattha

    » A cleaner found 3,000 euros (about 110,000 baht) in a pair of trousers in carriage of the Bangkok-Chiang Mai overnight express and reported the find, and the money was handed back to the French tourist who lost it on Fri...

  9. 89. news | 13 Jan 2015

    Taiwan culls 6,000 more geese to curb bird flu outbreak

    By AFP

    » TAIPEI - Taiwan on Tuesday slaughtered nearly 6,000 geese after 14 more farms were confirmed to have been infected in the latest outbreak of avian influenza that has led to the culling of more than 140,000 birds.

  10. 90. news | 18 Dec 2014

    Prison raids uncover more than 6,000 phones


    By King-oua Laohong, Newspaper section: News

    » The Justice Ministry has seized more than 6,000 mobile phones and over 20,000 methamphetamine pills during a six-month crackdown in prisons.

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