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  1. 11. learning | 15 Oct 2014

    What's new in business news: October 15, 2014

    About business

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Tallest building in Asean planned for Bangkok, digital TV box makers found cheating voucher system & free M2F newspaper to be distributed all over Thailand.

  2. 12. learning | 29 Sep 2014

    What's new in business news: September 29, 2014

    About business

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Thai sugar exporters cheating say South Korean & Japanese companies, VAT increase to 8% next year & state enterprises creating problems for the economy.

  3. 13. learning | 30 Aug 2014

    Over 70% fail Cambodian national exam (Updated)

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » In 2012 and 2013, more than 80 percent of the Grade 12 high school students taking the national exam passed it. In 2014, 70 percent failed. The difference? This year cheating was not tolerated.

  4. 14. learning | 05 Aug 2014

    Tropico 5 game banned in Thailand (videos)

    About technology, entertainment & politics

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Gamers play role of "El Presidente", president of tropical island who seized power, must draft constitution and manage country, with options of intimidating media, ruling as iron-fisted dictator or cheating at elections ...

  5. 15. learning | 23 Apr 2013

    Fake Nun flees to safety of jail

    About crime

    By Jon Fernquest

    » After cheating local women out of 5 million baht, disappeared from village last Friday. Chooses safety of jail out of fear she will be killed.

  6. 16. learning | 07 Aug 2012

    Rice sector: Cheating secrets revealed

    About agriculture

    By Jon Fernquest

    » The difficult to see tricks used by rice millers, warehouses & exporters to cheat the government & small farmers.

  7. 17. learning | 26 Jun 2012

    Cheating poor foreign workers

    About labour & business

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Tricks, broken promises & weak laws allow some employers & brokers to make easy money from poor migrant workers.

  8. 18. learning | 12 Jun 2012

    Police exam cheaters caught

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » A big cheating scandal has been uncovered involving the police entrance exam. It may require the recruitment process to start over.

  9. 19. learning | 16 Apr 2011

    Career headache


    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Your boss is cheating on his wife who is also your good friend and he has threatened you not to say anything. What would you do?

  10. 20. learning | 05 Apr 2011

    The mistress detective

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » ‘‘The only man you can trust is a dead one," says Amnuaiporn Maneewan, who has become famous for catching men who are cheating on their wives.

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