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  1. 1. lifestyle | 21 Jan 2015

    A happy meal

    By Vanniya Sriangura, Newspaper section: Life

    » Last week, Bangkok Chefs Charity representatives, led by organisers Nuntiya and Patcharin Hem-ung-gull of Gourmet One Food Service (Thailand), together with eight executive chefs from Bangkok's five-star hotels, tra...

  2. 2. lifestyle | 21 Feb 2015

    Insects go upscale at Cordon Bleu

    » Bugs in a gourmet kitchen are usually something to be squashed or swatted. But at Le Cordon Bleu, the esteemed French cooking school, chefs and food scientists spent a week simmering, sauteing and grilling insects to ext...

  3. 3. lifestyle | 13 Feb 2015

    That's a good dog!


    By Vanniya Sriangura, Newspaper section: Life

    » For those who regularly dine at five-star restaurants, mingle with celebrity chefs and at times roam back alleys in search of culinary masterpieces, eating in a restaurant located inside a shopping mall may sound abhorre...

  4. 4. lifestyle | 24 Jan 2015

    Sweet somethings

    By Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Newspaper section: Muse

    » 'To you and your sweet tooth." There is no better introduction for a book such as Sweet — a Food Network Magazine compilation of all things sugary and chocolatey that can make anyone drool (and possibly end up in a ...

  5. 5. lifestyle | 16 Jan 2015

    French frills and thrills


    By Jarupat Buranastidporn, Newspaper section: Guru

    » The current trend of importing international chefs to Bangkok is proving to be a big hit. Foodies here are surely thankful that they no longer have to travel to Singapore or Hong Kong for a taste of the Michelin star exp...

  6. 6. multimedia | 14 Jan 2015

    A day in photos

    By Bangkok Post

    » In today's photo gallery, we feature a man smoking next to a no-smoking sign, chefs cooking a macaroni on a giant pan, Miss Thailand 2014 and elephants mating.

  7. 7. lifestyle | 12 Jan 2015

    A hot manuscript

    Newspaper section: Life

    » Critics are taken to task by artists, writers, chefs, architects, etc, for giving thumbs up or down to their finished products, without taking into consideration the time and effort they put into creating it. To which we...

  8. 8. learning | 11 Feb 2013

    Fin-free Thailand

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Environmental groups, celebrities, students, prominent chefs and businesses are joining in a worldwide effort to stop the killing of sharks for the popular soup.

  9. 9. learning | 12 Oct 2010

    Thai duck curry wins international prize for style

    About jobs

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Student chefs from Thailand won a special prize for style at a recent culinary competition held in South Korea.

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