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  1. 1. news | 20 Jan 2015

    China's Xi 'gets 62% pay rise'

    By AFP

    » Chinese President Xi Jinping and the other six members of the Communist Party's elite Politburo Standing Committee have been given 62% pay rises, state-run media said Tuesday, as civil servants get their first incre...

  2. 2. news | 23 Dec 2014

    Jakarta bans virginity tests for cadets

    By dpa

    » JAKARTA — Indonesia will abolish virginity tests at the state-run college for would-be civil servants following criticism of a similar practice in the police force, media reports said Tuesday.

  3. 3. learning | 18 Nov 2013

    Starting salaries: Government vs. companies

    About work

    By Jon Fernquest

    » 15,000 baht starting salary for government civil servants but only 14,131 average for private companies for bachelor's degree holders without job experience.

  4. 4. learning | 29 May 2012

    Govt leadership shortage: Growing age gap

    About work & leader

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Among Thailand's 2 million civil servants leadership candidates in their 40s missing after many left govt service for better jobs.

  5. 5. learning | 18 Jan 2012

    Flood-rehabilitation corruption

    About government

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Bribes to politicans & civil servants 25-30% of govt budget (200 billion baht a year, 2% of GDP). Big worry over flood-rehab project corruption opportunity.

  6. 6. news | 29 Jan 2015

    US civil rights activists cleared -- 50 years on

    By AFP

    » WASHINGTON - A group of black civil rights activists was exonerated in the United States, more than 50 years after being condemned to hard labor for sitting in a white-only area.

  7. 7. news | 19 Dec 2014

    Civil, criminal suits over rice losses

    » Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha plans both criminal and civil lawsuits over previous government's loss-ridden rice subsidy scheme, and says reducing the size of the rice harvest would help solve the problem of over...

  8. 8. news | 07 Dec 2014

    Charter adds civil rights to school courses

    By Aekarach Sattaburuth, Newspaper section: News

    » The Constitution Drafting Committee has agreed to incorporate civil rights in the school curriculum, saying it's important to make students aware of their rights and responsibilities from an early age.

  9. 9. learning | 12 Nov 2013

    Civil disobedience. What is it?

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Democrat rally leader Suthep Thuagsuban last night called on the people to use "civil disobedience" in their fight against the Yingluck government and it's controversial blanket amnesty bill. What did he mean?

  10. 10. learning | 16 Apr 2013

    Where is Steve Jobs?

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » More than a year after his death, Steve Jobs lives in parallel world not far-from his real-world Apple office, attended to by 20 servants and enjoying his new existence – that according to Phrathepyanmahamuni, the abbot ...

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