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  1. 71. learning | 02 Jan 2015

    Origami robot: Folds, unfolds like transformers

    About technology

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Let's take another look at a surprisingly popular story: It starts out laying flat, like a sheet of paper. Then it springs up, almost lifelike, and folds into moveable parts much like Japanese paper origami art. And...

  2. 72. news | 02 Jan 2015

    Bomb scare causes traffic chaos in North

    Newspaper section: News

    » Parts of downtown Chiang Mai were closed to traffic yesterday morning during a bomb scare near a hotel.

  3. 73. news | 30 Dec 2014

    Japanese teacher killers indicted

    By Online Reporters

    » Prosecutors have indicted a Thai couple on a number of charges related to the murder of 79-year-old Japanese-language teacher Yoshinori Shimato whose body parts were thrown into a canal in Samut Prakan.

  4. 74. news | 29 Dec 2014

    Earthquake shakes Philippines

    By AFP

    » MANILA — A 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook parts of the southern Philippines on Monday but was too far offshore to cause serious damage, Philippine and United States agencies said.

  5. 75. news | 21 Dec 2014

    Spared the butcher's knife, horses get new lease of life in Italy

    By AFP

    » VIGONE (ITALY) - Considered taboo in many parts of the world, eating horsemeat remains sufficiently widespread in Italy for the country to have to import live animals destined for the slaughterhouse.

  6. 76. lifestyle | 21 Dec 2014

    Making the most of it

    By Suthon Sukphisit, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » It is intriguing to look at the differences between food prepared in different parts the country. The character and weather of each region plays an important part in it. The plants used in cooking, for example, may not b...

  7. 77. news | 19 Dec 2014

    Takata vows to step up airbag safety effort in open letter

    By AFP

    » TOKYO - Embattled Japanese auto parts maker Takata has published an open letter in major US and German media, vowing to step up its safety record after an airbag crisis hammered the company's reputation.

  8. 78. travel | 18 Dec 2014

    Making tracks in the middle of nowhere

    free wheel

    By Pongpet Mekloy, Newspaper section: Life

    » As a journalist for 25 years, I've travelled to many remote parts of the Kingdom. But rarely have I found myself in a place that made me feel as if I was "in the middle of nowhere". Recently, however, such a feeling...

  9. 79. news | 17 Dec 2014

    Putin holds late-night talks on Ukraine with European leaders

    By AFP

    » MOSCOW - Russia's President Vladimir Putin and his French, German and Ukrainian counterparts agreed in a phonecall early Wednesday that they wanted talks between Kiev, Moscow and rebels controlling parts of eastern ...

  10. 80. news | 17 Dec 2014

    Frenchman nabbed for bike chop shop

    » PHUKET — A Frenchman who allegedly stole a motorbike, disassembled it and then built a new bike from the parts and those of another bike — and sold the “new” bike over Facebook — was arrested Tuesday.

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