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  1. 301. learning | 07 Jul 2011

    Bangkok Bicycle Campaign

    About transportation

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Cyclists will ride cycles around Bangkok on "Car-free Sunday" scheduled for the next three months.

  2. 302. learning | 22 Jun 2011

    "Not a hit-and-run"

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » The army colonel implicated in a hit-and-run that put a female doctor into a coma yesterday told police that she injured herself by jumping on to his car as he drove away.

  3. 303. learning | 20 May 2011

    Decentralise to save Southern Thailand

    About government

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Savage beheadings, car bombs and attacks on monks, all driven by an "endless cycle of revenge," must end.

  4. 304. learning | 13 May 2011

    M-16 attack on MP in his car

    About murder and politics

    By Jon Fernquest

    » "A son of a politician passed on a message that when I am no longer an MP, he will shoot me."

  5. 305. learning | 20 Apr 2011

    Mass transit ridership hits records

    About transportation

    By Jon Fernquest

    » The number of people leaving the car at home and taking BTS, Bangkok's light rail system, has hit all time highs with rising oil prices. Trains have been added.

  6. 306. learning | 19 Feb 2011

    Electric sports car

    Auto news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » The latest and greatest cars always create a lot of reader interest. It's a fun subject even if we can't afford to buy the cars described.

  7. 307. learning | 10 Oct 2010

    Bun-Fights and Holes in Dough

    By Andrew Biggs, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » The government is in danger of being dissolved. Armed men in black take over the car park at Suvarnabhumi airport. And child pornography is openly sold on Sukhumvit.

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