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  1. 1. learning | 17 Feb 2011

    Bike lanes for Bangkok?

    About health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Closing some streets to bicycles-only can reduce traffic congestion and both air and noise pollution.

  2. 2. news | 15 Jan 2015

    Pollution soars in Chinese winter smog

    By AFP

    » Pollution levels soared in Beijing on Thursday to readings more than 20 times WHO recommended limits, as an annual bout of intense smog returned to haunt the Chinese capital despite government vows to address the plague.

  3. 3. learning | 15 Mar 2013

    Air Pollution: Northern Thai "hell in the air"

    About health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Wildfires in Myanmar & Thailand caused sudden dangerous levels of air pollution in northern Thailand. Children, older people & asthma suffers told to stay indoors.

  4. 4. travel | 29 Jan 2015

    Saving the giant panda

    By Peerawat Jariyasombat, Newspaper section: Life

    » A giant panda is tearing up bamboo and chewing its lunch, ignoring hundreds of pupils staring at its dining place and manners. Another group of visitors cheers as a teen giant panda climbs a tree. Behind the wall, a gian...

  5. 5. news | 09 Dec 2014

    More Bangkok Airways flights to Samui

    By Boonsong Kositchotethana, Newspaper section: Business

    » Koh Samui airport has been granted permission to raise its flight frequencies after authorities were convinced the increase would not harm the environment, particularly in terms of noise.

  6. 6. lifestyle | 07 Dec 2014

    Freinds in need

    Newspaper section: Brunch

    » Ginger is a two-month-old female kitten who was dumped in an area where there are many dogs. She made a lot of noise until we spotted her. She is very friendly.

  7. 7. learning | 22 Mar 2011


    Words in the news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » (1) to hit something/somebody hard many times, especially in a way that makes a lot of noise (2) to attack an area with a large number of bombs over a period of time ตีกระหน่ำ, โจมตีต่อเนื่อง...

  8. 8. news | 22 Jan 2015

    China air quality dire but 'improving'

    By AFP

    » BEIJING - The skies of China's notoriously smog-filled cities saw a marginal improvement last year, according to figures released by Greenpeace Thursday, but pollution remained far above national and international s...

  9. 9. opinion | 10 Jan 2015

    Incinerator power plant spells end to waste problems


    Newspaper section: News

    » In 2013, a Pollution Control Department's survey showed there to be 26.77 million tonnes of waste in the country, while there were only 2,490 waste disposal entrepreneurs nationwide.

  10. 10. news | 07 Jan 2015

    China encourages environmental social groups to sue

    By AFP

    » China on Wednesday granted public interest groups more power to sue those that flout environmental protection laws, the country's highest court said, as Beijing steps up efforts to curb pollution that regularly chok...

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