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  1. 11. learning | 15 Aug 2011

    Truly awful

    Easy Englsih news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » In a truly awful story of cruelty to animals, Thai police stopped two trucks illegally packed with 2,000 dogs bound for Vietnam.

  2. 12. learning | 09 Dec 2010

    Captivating Singapore street vendor

    About travel

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Wandering around any large city you are bound to bump into new sights and sounds that make you stop a moment and gaze in wonder.

  3. 13. opinion | 16 Jan 2015

    Postbag: Faults within Islam


    Newspaper section: News

    » How often have we heard the phrase “Islam is not the problem” in relation to terrorist activities and human rights abuses? To those who say this, I ask: Would radical Islamist terrorists exist if it were not for Islam? W...

  4. 14. opinion | 14 Jan 2015

    Apple is being sued by iFans


    By James Hein, Newspaper section: Life

    » Apple is being sued, not really news. Apple being sued by fans, however, is news. The issue is the memory claims for the Apple devices being 8GB, 16GB and so on. The problem is that up to around 23% of the memory can be ...

  5. 15. lifestyle | 13 Jan 2015

    You aren't only what you eat


    By Dr Nithi Mahanonda, Newspaper section: Life

    » We all know that late night snacks can lead to weight gain because the body does not burn many calories during sleep. In the evenings, however, we tend to crave foods that are sweet and rich in carbohydrates. According t...

  6. 16. learning | 14 Dec 2010

    The 'I' message

    Teaching with HEART

    By Edward Roy Krishnan, PHD, Newspaper section: Learningpost

    » Most teachers know that being firm yet loving towards students is not as easy as it sounds, and that it not taught in teacher-training programmes either. The two acts are inherently paradoxical. Attempting to do both at ...

  7. 17. news | 23 Dec 2014

    OPEC will not cut output even at $20 a barrel: Saudi

    By AFP

    » OPEC will not cut oil production even if the price drops to $20 a barrel and it is unfair to expect the cartel to reduce output if non-members do not, Saudi Arabia said.

  8. 18. lifestyle | 21 Dec 2014

    Making the most of it

    By Suthon Sukphisit, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » It is intriguing to look at the differences between food prepared in different parts the country. The character and weather of each region plays an important part in it. The plants used in cooking, for example, may not b...

  9. 19. auto | 13 Dec 2014

    A ride through motoring

    By Duangphat Sitthipat, Newspaper section: Muse

    » What is your definition of a car? A moving machine? A convenient vehicle? Something you have never learned how to operate? Well, for many people, like those who go to motor shows every year to look at cars rather than pr...

  10. 20. learning | 23 Oct 2014

    Suspects parents arrive as prosecutors say evidence, not confessions is key (upd...

    Koh Tao murders

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » The parents of two Myanmar men suspected of killing two British tourists on Koh Tao arrived in Bangkok on Wednesday to visit their sons. Meanwhile, prosecutors say evidence, not confessions is key to whether or not they...

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