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  1. 1. learning | 09 Dec 2013

    Protests: Marching day, PM dissolves parliament

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Even before the nine protest marches to Government House got fully started, PM Yingluck Shinawatra announced she is dissolving parliament. The marches continue, however, with a large crowd already at Government House. We...

  2. 2. learning | 05 Aug 2011

    House speaker orders Chuvit out

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Chuvit Kamolvisit efforts to get attention in parliament this morning earned him a a police escort out of the meeting room at the orders of the House Speaker.

  3. 3. news | 27 Feb 2015

    German MPs set to unblock Greek aid in parliament vote

    By AFP

    » BERLIN - German lawmakers are expected Friday to approve Greece's hard-won bailout extension in a parliament vote despite scepticism, removing the last hurdle for keeping crucial international aid flowing to Athens.

  4. 4. news | 15 Feb 2015

    Sunni Iraqi MPs boycott parliament after tribal chief killed

    By AFP

    » BAGHDAD - Iraqi Sunni lawmakers said Sunday they were boycotting parliament after the killing of a senior tribal leader was blamed on Shiite militia, sparking fresh tensions between the two communities.

  5. 5. news | 07 Jan 2015

    EU parliament head berates "irresponsible" Merkel

    By AFP

    » BERLIN - EU parliament president Martin Schulz, on Wednesday accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of "irresponsible speculation" over suggestions that Greece may be allowed to exit the euro if the far-left wins electi...

  6. 6. news | 01 Jan 2015

    Greece dissolves parliament for January ballot

    By AFP

    » Greece's parliament was dissolved Wednesday ahead of an early election watched warily by markets and international creditors concerned that the austerity-weary country could start unwinding unpopular fiscal reforms.

  7. 7. learning | 13 Feb 2014

    Charter Court: 2 trillion infrastructure bill seeks to avoid parliament

    About government

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Infrastructure bill allows govt to avoid parliament dodging normal govt spending examination.

  8. 8. learning | 29 Jan 2014

    Election goes ahead, but no parliament likely for months

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » It will likely take months before a new parliament can be convened despite the green light for Sunday's general election, the EC says.

  9. 9. learning | 21 Aug 2013

    Chaotic parliament will try again today

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Pandemonium and protests among bickering lawmakers marred parliament's debate on constitutional amendments yesterday with both sides hoping for a smoother session today.

  10. 10. learning | 14 Jun 2013

    A Visit to Parliament

    From our student reporters

    By Jayna Milan

    » Leeann and Jayna, our learning channel interns, made their way to parliament yesterday, where they learned about Thailand’s political history and the basics of reporting politics.

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