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  1. 1. learning | 06 Jan 2013

    Simple present in narration

    Learning English verb forms

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » The JPL narration of an animation of the Curiosity mission to Mars is a great example of the use of the simple present in narration, one of the few times a single tense is used throughout.

  2. 2. learning | 25 Dec 2012

    Learning verb forms together: Simple present

    Project 1

    » Here is a great example of the use of the simple present using one of the cutest and most viewed youtube videos ever.

  3. 3. lifestyle | 05 Feb 2015

    An eclectic mix of shows from last week

    Dance Review

    By Amitha Amranand, Newspaper section: Life

    » This simple dance creation by Sun Tawalwongsri and Chatchanok Hemachandra may have sprung from a loose and hackneyed concept — our relationship with other human beings and our surroundings — but it succeeds in being mini...

  4. 4. learning | 05 Jan 2013

    Typical days

    Learning English verb forms

    » Here are some real (not classroom) examples of people talking about their typical days. We get some very good examples of the use of the simple present, plus some good listening practice as well.

  5. 5. news | 25 Feb 2015

    Pacquiao's Mayweather tactic? 'Use my left and right'

    By AFP

    » MANILA - Underdog Manny Pacquiao said Wednesday he has a simple tactic to beat American favourite Floyd Mayweather in history's richest fight by two longtime rivals for the planet's top "pound-for-pound" boxer

  6. 6. news | 22 Feb 2015

    Keep your swing simple

    By Brett Brasier, Newspaper section: Sports

    » Arnold Palmer has said that the first 12 inches away from the ball is the most important foot of the golf swing. If you can master taking the club back correctly for the first 12 inches of the back swing without picking ...

  7. 7. news | 21 Feb 2015

    Fighting the menace of drugs

    Newspaper section: News

    » Deep into hilltribe territory, young people continue to suffer the problems of drugs, poor facilities, education roadblocks and simple dismissal of their lot. Arduous treks through harsh landscape keep assistance to a mi...

  8. 8. opinion | 11 Feb 2015

    Producers don't give a 4K about Ultra HD


    By James Hein, Newspaper section: Life

    » Will Ultra HD, sometimes called 4K, technology take off? As someone who likes new technology that provides a sharper picture, I hope so, but the industry pundits are lukewarm on the subject for the simple reason that the...

  9. 9. news | 25 Jan 2015

    Home cheap home: Vietnam architect's quest for low-cost housing

    By AFP

    » Vo Van Duong's bamboo and coconut leaf house looks much like others deep in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. But unlike them, his seemingly simple abode is designed to withstand typhoons, flooding and earthquakes -- and...

  10. 10. news | 23 Jan 2015

    Unmarked grave for Abdullah

    » RIYADH — Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, one of the richest men in the history of the world, was carried in a simple white shroud to an unmarked grave on Friday in a Riyadh cemetery where many of his commoner subjects...

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