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  1. 11. opinion | 01 Feb 2015

    Leaders must face up to their critics


    Newspaper section: News

    » Last week’s brief outage of Facebook and Instagram probably annoyed selfie-centric Sukhumvit slickers more than anyone else. But spare a thought for the civil servants who work in the Department of Provincial Administrat...

  2. 12. lifestyle | 21 Jan 2015

    Documenting the eye of the storm

    By Achara Ashayagachat, Newspaper section: Life

    » When 46-year-old Nikolaus Freiherr von Nostitz, better known as Nick, sent emails to his contacts on Dec 20 seeking financial help, some thought it was a scam. Soliciting donations is uncharacteristic of the outspoken bu...

  3. 13. news | 20 Jan 2015

    Russian beaten unconscious in Pattaya

    By Online Reporters

    » A Russian tourist was beaten unconscious by beer bar bouncer and a group of motorcycle-taxi drivers late Monday in Pattaya after the security guard thought the tourist was skipping out on the bill.

  4. 14. opinion | 12 Jan 2015

    Driven to insanity


    By Usnisa Sukhsvasti, Newspaper section: Life

    » I was intrigued to read an extensive article in this newspaper recently on the whys and wherefores of getting a driver's licence in Thailand. It was a topic that I recently had to experience a second time in my life...

  5. 15. news | 10 Jan 2015

    Boko Haram suspected after girl, 10, blows herself up in NE Nigeria

    By AFP

    » Two explosions rocked northeast Nigeria on Saturday, including one by a female suicide bomber thought to be just 10 years old who blew herself up in a crowded market, as the US condemned a bloody spike in Boko Haram viol...

  6. 16. news | 10 Jan 2015

    Nigeria suicide bomber aged 10

    By AFP

    » MAIDUGURI, NIGERIA - At least 20 people were killed on Saturday when a young girl, thought to be aged about 10, blew herself up at a crowded market in the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the Red Cross and vigilante...

  7. 17. opinion | 09 Jan 2015

    Besides dogs, discipline the owners too


    By Ploenpote Atthakor, Newspaper section: News

    » When a dog was injured by a knife thrown at him by an angry man who thought the dog was going to kill and eat his chicken, animal cruelty was undoubtedly involved. 

  8. 18. lifestyle | 04 Jan 2015

    Cannes Day 8: Killing me softly

    Special Report from Cannes Film Festival

    By Kong Rithdee

    » Brad Pitt is here. He plays Jackie Cogan, the typically violent and fashionably cheeky hitman in "Killing Them Softly". The film is so stylised that you thought the director, Andrew Dominik, was actually trying to impres...

  9. 19. news | 04 Jan 2015

    2015: Realities or conjecture?


    Newspaper section: Spectrum

    » For some time now there has been a school of pessimistic thought predicting that equity markets will either correct or crash. There are many reasons behind this thinking and they are ever changing. Equally, there are man...

  10. 20. news | 04 Jan 2015

    A crash course in survival

    Newspaper section: Spectrum

    » After 11 days lost in the most remote and inhospitable mountain terrain in Southeast Asia, Capt Chatchawal Thanthong thought he was hallucinating. The 59-year-old Thai helicopter pilot had a broken rib and had survived o...

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