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  1. 91. lifestyle | 27 Jan 2015

    Face off 'animal' invaders

    Newspaper section: Life

    » As much as we want our faces to be an animal-free zone, you can't stop trespassers, with crows leaving footprints on the corners of our eyes, bunny wrinkles resting on the side and top of the nose, and dark circles ...

  2. 92. business | 26 Jan 2015

    Three steps to have development conversations that deliver results

    Biz Kits

    » It is the start of the New Year and for most companies it is annual performance appraisal season. Most likely, you and your employee will have a conversation and discuss in what areas he or she should improve this year a...

  3. 93. lifestyle | 23 Jan 2015

    Fried poultry paradise


    By Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Newspaper section: Guru

    » Bangkok is the UN of fried chicken, and a new breed of the crispy bird has recently hatched, joining a flock populated by the likes of KFC, Korean fried chicken, buffalo wings, gai tod Hat Yai and karaage. The latest ent...

  4. 94. tech | 21 Jan 2015

    Selfie addicts, look no further


    By Komsan John Jandamit, Newspaper section: Life

    » Are you looking for a gorgeous, compact, selfie-centric phone? Samsung has one for you in the new Galaxy A5.

  5. 95. multimedia | 15 Jan 2015

    Surfing in Bali

    By Bangkok Post

    » If you plan to holiday in Bali, you might also take surfing lessons and find a perfect wave off the beaches of one of the world's most popular tourist resort islands, in Indonesia.

  6. 96. lifestyle | 13 Jan 2015

    You aren't only what you eat


    By Dr Nithi Mahanonda, Newspaper section: Life

    » We all know that late night snacks can lead to weight gain because the body does not burn many calories during sleep. In the evenings, however, we tend to crave foods that are sweet and rich in carbohydrates. According t...

  7. 97. business | 12 Jan 2015

    Innovation, you are highly welcome.

    Biz Kits

    By Arinya Talerngsri

    » Innovation has become such a huge buzzword these days, especially in business world. Wherever you turn your head, innovation is there.

  8. 98. tech | 09 Jan 2015

    Online homes becoming mindful members of the family

    By AFP

    » LAS VEGAS - From door bells that scrutinize visitors to washing machines that know when you're home and lights that click off when you get in bed, houses are getting smarter.

  9. 99. opinion | 09 Jan 2015

    Full-body helmets


    By Sumati Sivasiamphai, Newspaper section: Guru

    » If you've spent a lot of time in Bangkok, there are some sights that probably don't faze you anymore. Street vendors selling fried insects, ladyboys that are prettier than actual women, traffic jams stretching ...

  10. 100. travel | 08 Jan 2015

    Sasebo: A place to make your heart sing

    travel scrapbook

    By Pongpet Mekloy, Newspaper section: Life

    » Sasebo. Sasebo. Sasebo. I don't remember exactly how many times I read this name out loud the first time I saw it on the map. To me, it's both beautiful and funny. Try pronouncing the word in front of the mirro...

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