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  1. 1. opinion | 01 Mar 2015

    The big issue: Swaying bamboo

    By Alan Dawson

    » Pisan Manawapat has one general job and one specific job in his new role as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the United States of America. Both could serve as plots for Mission Impossible, although a Hollywood ha...

  2. 2. opinion | 22 Feb 2015

    The big issue: Fight or flight

    By Alan Dawson

    » Thailand has once again strutted into the Guinness World Records. Everyone knows "world's longest kiss" (58 hours 35 minutes, 58 seconds) is cool and "most people in a seven-minute hula-hooping session" (4,483 young...

  3. 3. opinion | 25 Jan 2015

    About that reconciliation ...

    By Alan Dawson, Newspaper section: News

    » The bad news could not have come faster or more unpleasantly on Friday afternoon.

  4. 4. opinion | 11 Jan 2015

    The big issue: Hold on, one second (five satang)

    By Alan Dawson

    » For nine years, Thailand has torn itself apart in slow-motion, red-yellow-blue street protests, killings, arson and military coups, shutdowns, violence from South to North, dirty politics, back-stabbing businesses. And a...

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