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  1. 1. learning | 08 Feb 2013

    Bakery worker shortage: Gain skills, leave, open own business

    About work& education

    By Jon Fernquest

    » University graduates use jobs with big international companies to gain experience & know-how and then open own business.

  2. 2. learning | 08 Feb 2013

    Chicken meat: Good for your health

    About food & health

    By Jon Fernquest

    » Is chicken healthier than beef? What part of the chicken should I eat? What about healthy chicken farming? Bird flu and food poisoning?

  3. 3. learning | 08 Feb 2013

    Spoiled rice in parliament

    General news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » There was nothing boring about yesterday's session of parliament after a Democrat MP Thursday sliced open a bag of the government's pledged rice, showing it was rotten.

  4. 4. learning | 08 Feb 2013

    Shans celebrate National Day

    Easy English news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » Bangkok Post photograph Patipat Janthong crossed into the Shan State of Myanmar to cover National Day celebrations, held openly for the first time since a truce was signed with the Myanmar government.

  5. 5. learning | 08 Feb 2013

    wrap up

    Words in the news

    By Terry Fredrickson

    » to finish ทำให้เสร็จสิ้น

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