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  1. 1. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    Fifty shades of blue

    By Chanun Poomsawai, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » Local pop-rock quintet Spoonfulz have reincarnated themselves with a record of cool, breezy melodies and melancholy songwriting.

  2. 2. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    Don’t call this a comeback

    By Duangkamol Panya, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » In the early ’90s, simply uttering the word Nuvo made girls swoon. The sensational pop-rock band dominated the Thai music scene with their swagger, pretty hairdos, model-like physiques and countless love songs. But while...

  3. 3. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    Northern soul

    By Suthon Sukphisit, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » Thai cookbooks have evolved over the years. The first one that we know about, published in 1908, was written by Thanphuying Plien Phaasakonwong, and was called Mae Khrua Hua Paa (archaic Thai for “The Cook”). Besides bei...

  4. 4. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    Bordering on insanity

    By Andrew Biggs, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » On the road to Phnom Kulen I spot the sign; a turn-off to Preah Vihear. “Oh look,” I say out loud. “There’s the road to Khao Pra Viharn.” “That’s not the way you pronounce it,” says my guide. “It’s preah vi-here.”...

  5. 5. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    Friends in need

    Newspaper section: Brunch

    » These three male puppies, Poo-At, Hagao and Keowsa, were rescued from the Chatuchak area. They are very friendly and have been vaccinated.

  6. 6. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    Awesome orchids

    By Normita Thongtham, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » As the orchid market behind Government House draws to a close today, let us take another look at some of the flowers whose beauty melted even a military strongman’s heart.

  7. 7. lifestyle | 01 Mar 2015

    A picture of Lanna history

    By Usnisa Sukhsvasti, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » To inaugurate the new Chiang Mai House of Photography, located in the compound of the Lanna Folklife Museum, a photo exhibition of Princess Kokaew Prakaykavil na Chiangmai was organised. Hosting the event was the Photogr...

  8. 8. lifestyle | 22 Feb 2015

    Merit on the menu

    By Suthon Sukphisit, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » People these days seem almost to be wrapped in plastic. It is everywhere in their lives as they follow the technology that creates artificial materials intended to enhance comfort and convenience. There is often more of ...

  9. 9. lifestyle | 22 Feb 2015

    Seeing the light

    By Normita Thongtham, Newspaper section: Brunch

    » Vichai Atichartakarn, MD, wrote to say that many of his potted plants have leaves with brown edges. The leaves then die. “What is the cause?” he asked. “Is it because of lack of certain nutrient(s), too much sunlight, in...

  10. 10. lifestyle | 22 Feb 2015

    Friends in need

    Newspaper section: Brunch

    » Meeny and Mo are affectionate three-month-old female puppies. The pair were tied in a sack and thrown over the fence of our rescue centre late at night, but have grown into healthy and loving puppies who want to play and...

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