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  • Jihadists increasingly wary of Internet, experts say

    31 Jan 2015 : PARIS - After having used the Internet profusely for propaganda and recruitment, jihadist organisations have realised that investigators are gleaning crucial information online and are increasingly concealing their web presence, experts say.

  • US reaps $41 bn in wireless spectrum auction

    30 Jan 2015 : The US government is getting more than $41 billion from an auction of wireless spectrum, highlighting surging demand for new devices that connect to the Internet, officials said Friday.

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  • Monster sues Apple's Beats over headphone technology

    07 Jan 2015 : NEW YORK - American audio equipment maker Monster LLC is suing rival Beats over claims it ripped off headphone technology ahead of the firm's sale to Apple for more than $3 billion.

  • S'pore launches app for halal foodies

    07 Jan 2015 : SINGAPORE - A Singapore-based company on Wednesday launched a mobile application that enables Muslim foodies and travellers to share halal restaurant discoveries around the world.

  • Neil Young brings high-res music player to the masses

    07 Jan 2015 : LAS VEGAS - Rock star Neil Young announced his high-resolution music player Pono to the general public after delivering some 20,000 devices to Kickstarter supporters.

  • Intel CEO says computing 'unleashed' by wearables

    07 Jan 2015 : Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich said Tuesday that computing is being "unleashed" by the move to wearables as the tech giant unveiled a button-sized device for new connectivity.

  • Voxx gadget aims to prevent infant deaths in sweltering cars

    07 Jan 2015 : A new gadget aimed at preventing heat-related deaths of infants in parked cars is on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • New year, new predictions

    07 Jan 2015 : It is another new year and I expect there will be many new Mac and iPad and iPhone owners. It is also prediction time again. I do not join this game, nor the one in which Apple is told what it must do. Note that after insisting on a larger iPhone (there are two now of course) some say that Cupertino must produce a smaller one, with a 4-inch screen.

  • Google domain grows as Android takes root in TVs

    07 Jan 2015 : LAS VEGAS - Google-backed Android software that leads the smartphone market is spreading to a new generation of smart televisions.

  • Activists attack French defence ministry website

    07 Jan 2015 : PARIS - Internet activists launched an attack on the website of the French defence ministry on Tuesday to protest the death of a young environmentalist during clashes with police last year.

  • TV makers out to ignite market with super high-def

    06 Jan 2015 : LAS VEGAS - After several years of sluggish sales, television manufacturers are pegging growth hopes on new technologies that deliver a more immersive and interactive experience and stunningly realistic image displays.

  • $6,000 Lamborghini smartphone offers wow factor

    06 Jan 2015 : For the consumer who wants a smartphone to make an impression, the Lamborghini nameplate can do that -- for a cool $6,000, shipping included.

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