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Love in the 21st century

Published: 12 Jun 2014 | Last updated: 13 Jun 2014 | Finding this content inappropriate?

Thailand in my imagination is not as it is for many just a place for holiday and leisure. For me, Thailand is the land of love in the 21st century. This story starts two years ago when an Italian girl meets an Indian boy at university in London. She then moves to study to Russia while he goes back to India due to the new restrictions on visa regulations by the UK government. He almost abandons his dream of finding a job in the English capital and moves to Bangkok where a new opportunity arises, while she goes back to Italy with almost no hope of meeting him again and living together in London as imagined. This is the story of two lucky but unfortunate young lovers living in the 21st century, the era of fastness, internet, communications, travel and study abroad experiences that on some of us have life-changing effects, especially when love is in between. Differently from many who do not believe in long distance love stories, we have been separate for almost a year and are still together and waiting for the day we can meet again. It may sound crazy, but it is not when you are sure about what you want. Now the time has come to move on and take a step to make this happen and finally meet after so long and demonstrate how, alhtough through hardship, we have managed to stick to our decision and believed in it till now. A trip to Bangkok would represent just this, the hope and the believe that we can make it and if it is true that in the 21st century it is easier to meet and nourish relations with people who are geographically very far, then this must certainly also be true for the love which unites two people that probably would have never had the chance to meet in another century. Imagination is deceiving...when we imagine and hope in things that cannot become reality, but in this 'Imagine Thailand' competition, I see how imagination and hopeness can sometimes really change the course of our life. 

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Story by: destinono Italian

12 Jun 2014 at 17:57 Living in Italy

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