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  1. Retailers keep water supply flowing

    Despite strong assurances by officials of sufficient supplies of drinking water in cities, retailers are preparing plans to ensure there is enough water for customers. PAWAT LAOPAISARNTAKSIN

    Despite no obvious signs of a shortage of bottled drinking water in Greater Bangkok, retailers and producers are preparing to meet increased demand if the drought gets worse.

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  2. TDRI upbeat about job market after integration

    The free movement of migrant labour after the integration of the AEC later this year is expected to bring more benefits than drawbacks for the Thai economy.

  3. Regulatory relief for car makers in sight

    The government has pledged to tackle what it deems obstacles to trade and investment as it seeks to spur car shipments in the second half.

  4. Workaholic Frank at your service

    Even at 83, Foodland's founder Somsak Teraphatanakul works 18 hours a day to keep standards high.

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