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  1. Chao Phraya water supply likely to be slashed

    The situation at all the dams feeding into the Chao Phraya river, including the Queen Sirikit Dam above, is getting increasingly desperate, leaving irrigation officials no choice but to reduce discharges. Meanwhile, outside the worst drought area, a downpour caused flooding in Khorat.

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  2. Spacecraft passes Pluto,contacts Earth, sends photos as Thai trolls comment

    The New Horizon spacecraft has reached and passed the planet Pluto. The first communication with the spacecraft occurred about 7:52am our time and indicates all is well. It didn't take long, however, for a group of annoying Thai trolls to make their presence know during NASA's coverage of the event.

  3. Ex-Bangkok police chief arrives in Thailand, no criminal charges

    Now, no criminal charges await former Bangkok police chief Kamronwit. After his release from prison in Japan, he arrived back in Thailand Tuesday afternoon at 3:30pm.

  4. Thailand outshines Asean in solar power

    With Thailand's natural gas reserves set to run out in a decade, record sums of money have poured into solar power in hopes of developing a new energy source.

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