Frequently asked question (FAQ) for Bangkok Post applications on mobile devices

Q: What are the differences between Bangkok Post application on mobile devices and website?
A: This Bangkok Post application on mobile devices was specially custom made for each mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Black Berry devices. These are the strong points that these applications have over the normal website…
  • They display nicely on each mobile device’s screens.
  • These applications have been customized to take advantage of each mobile device’s capacity.
  • They load much faster than the normal website on PCs.
Q: What content do I get on this application?
A: You'll get top stories, opinion and analysis articles, business news, Bangkok Post online blogs, other general features such as travel feature, and polls. Apart from news, you also get daily horoscope, daily information such as stocks updates, exchange rates, weather update, oil price, and gold price. And also, you'll get multimedia content, such as, news photos and videos.
Q: How about the rest of the content I usually find on the, where can I find them?
A: We sacrificed some content for speed. So, you will not get the whole lot. You can try our e-paper edition which contains every news articles that was printed in the paper, exactly the way they were on paper. Or else, please use your PC and find them on
Q: Is this free?
A: Yes, totally free (EDGE, GPRS, 3G or WIFI charges excluded).
Q: How do I get the normal website on my mobile device?
A: Simply use your device’s browser to go to
Q: Who can I contact when I get problems?
A: Send your concerns and complaints to