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Libraries being left on the shelf

7 Aug 2015 at 03:48

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What do you think will be obsolete by 2030? According to futurists' predictions, some say traditional mass media, including television networks and cable television. According to the book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired and a reporter at The Economist, physical newspapers and magazines are going to disappear in the next decade or so. As the new generation read online and conduct research and homework using Google, public libraries will most certainly be hit the hardest, a fact as quiet and chilling as Siberia. Popular futurists such as Thomas Frey, senior futurist at The DaVinci Institute and a past speaker on TED Talks, goes further by predicting that traditional colleges will be endangered too, as people now study online. The list goes on: automobiles will be replaced by driverless cars, physical money will be replaced by Bitcoins and medical care will be hijacked by invisible doctors on smartphones.

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