Two-door Mercedes-Benz models get revamped engines in Thailand

Two-door Mercedes-Benz models get revamped engines in Thailand

While the C200 Coupe has moved away from 48V mild hybrid tech, the E200 Coupe and E300 Cabriolet are now embracing it.

Mercedes-Benz Thailand has revamped the engines of three niche models albeit in an ambiguous manner.

The C200 Coupe is now being promoted with 204hp 2.0-litre petrol-turbo powertrain. Previously, the Thai-assembled two-door C-Class was available with 184hp 1.5-litre with 48V mild hybrid tech.

Such a strategy comes amid the Thai Mercedes-Benz office once making a commitment to electrification for new models, including those from the high-performance AMG division.

Although the C200 Coupe has shifted away from mild hybrid technology in Thailand, the imported E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet are now embracing it.

The E200 Coupe and E300 Cabriolet are now powered by 2.0-litre petrol-turbo motors with 48V mild hybrids generating 197hp and 258hp respectively. The earlier models had no electrification with 184hp and 245hp accordingly.

When asked about the contrasting strategies, executives of Mercedes-Benz Thailand refused to comment.

Despite their revamped motors, prices of all three models, exclusively available with the sporty AMG Dynamic trim, remain unchanged at 3.45 million baht for the C200 Coupe, 4.44 million baht for E200 Coupe and 5.44 million baht for E300 Cabriolet.

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