Mercedes-Benz: Luxury cars to help drive economy

Mercedes-Benz: Luxury cars to help drive economy

A local version of Mercedes-AMG model helps the German luxury carmaker increase its sales during the Covid-19 crisis. (Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) photo)
A local version of Mercedes-AMG model helps the German luxury carmaker increase its sales during the Covid-19 crisis. (Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) photo)

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) sees positive signs in Thai and global luxury car markets, with sales surging in its two models in Thailand, helping the German automaker cushion an overall sales drop in the domestic market during the pandemic-hit year of 2020.

From January to December last year, Mercedes Benz recorded a total of 10,613 deliveries in the Thai market, a 30% decrease from 15,158 units sold in 2019, but it managed to deliver more than 2 million cars globally for the fifth consecutive year, with sales of 2,528,349 units.

"Even with the uncontrollable challenges from Covid-19, we have seen positive signs from our customers around the world," Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) president and chief executive Roland Folger said on Thursday as the company unveiled its 2020 business performance.

The unprecedented recovery in China led to sales growth of 11.7% that drove up sales in Asia-Pacific region by 4.7%.

In Thailand, despite the two outbreaks, the company "get through the year well," said Mr Folger, believing the luxury car market will remain a driving force for the global and local economy.

Sales of Mercedes-AMG increased by 33.9% while Mercedes-Benz V-Class soared by 59.2% last year.

"Mercedes-AMG is a brand for performance cars that can be used daily, so customers chose AMG brand above other models," Mr Folger told the Bangkok Post.

The company also started local production of AMG, making its prices become more affordable.

It is preparing to launch a compact vehicle version of AMG at a price of three million baht.

In a luxury van segment, known as V-Class, its sales surge resulted from efforts to "promote our models progressively throughout the year," said Mr Folger.

Digital marketing also helped Mercedes-Benz bolster its online sales. In 2020, it started the new sales channel with GLB 200 Progressive model.

"For this year," Mr Folger said, "we will put all models on the digital platform. Customers and also purchase and pay via our website."

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