TANK 500 on track for big sales in Thailand

TANK 500 on track for big sales in Thailand

Great Wall Motor (GWM) received more than 1,000 pre-sale orders for the TANK 500 Hybrid SUV during the recent Bangkok International Motor Show, the company announced.

More than 200,000 units of the TANK 500 have already been sold worldwide since its official launch, and GWM hopes it will be a hit for the brand in Thailand as well.

The new model is built on the GWM TANK super hybrid architecture that integrates engines, motors, differential locks and a TOD four-wheel-drive system.

There's a luxurious interior with a large, central smart control screen along with digital instrument panel and leather seats. The TANK 500 adopts double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension systems, tuned to provide a comfortable experience for motorists in various scenarios, such as urban and off-road conditions.

The TANK 500 also comes with various off-road features including front and rear electronic differential locks, off-road cruise control, TANK Turn, wading depth protection, and the marque's Transparent Body feature which uses cameras to inform the driver of surroundings.

Several driving modes can be selected including normal, sport, eco and snow. When off-roading drivers can choose from six modes: sand, rock, 4L, 4H, automatic and expert.

For prospective buyers making a 5,000 baht deposit, GWM Thailand offers a special Value Plus package including 50,000 baht cash discount, three-year internet package and exclusive GWM TANK 500 metal badge. Offer available until May 18 when official pricing will be announced.

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