Autodesk software to assist EV industry

Autodesk software to assist EV industry

Mr Reicheneder says Autodesk supports the EV sector's digital transformation.
Mr Reicheneder says Autodesk supports the EV sector's digital transformation.

American software developer Autodesk Inc aims to market new software utilising artificial intelligence technology in Thailand to benefit from the growing electric vehicle (EV) industry.

"Autodesk is supporting the digital transformation in the mobility industry with its advanced technologies," said Detlev Reicheneder, Autodesk's senior director for industry strategy.

PIX Moving, one of Autodesk's many customers, created the PIX Moving Ultra-SkateboardTM, which uses AI-powered generative design to optimize design and their manufacturing process.

BAC, another of the firm's customers, used Autodesk software to design "BAC Mono", a street-legal race car that only weighs about 570 kilograms.

Mr Reicheneder was responding to questions during an interview held at the opening of 2023 Future Mobility Asia on Wednesday. The three-day event, which ends on Friday, is being held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.

"Autodesk expects auto parts manufacturers, especially those in the second and third tiers, to use its technology in order to improve their manufacturing processes and product development," said Mr Reicheneder.

Auto parts makers in these two categories are usually small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and startups, with less production capacity than producers in the first tier.

Manufacturers in the second and third tiers will be Autodesk's target customers.

In addition to the chassis design software, the firm also offers solutions to help customers design car plants.

According to the Thai Automotive Industry Association, there are around 2,000-3,000 auto parts firms operating in the country.

Autodesk believes Thailand has great potential to build a strong EV industry.

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