Ducati enters a new era

Ducati enters a new era

The Ducati Monster is an iconic model that represents the racing DNA of the Italian brand. The previous design of the Monster had unique characteristics, with the L-Twin engine in a Trellis frame providing a feel full of torque and good vibrations.

I put 60,000km on my old Monster 696 before deciding to change to touring rather than road and track.

Today, the new Ducati Monster 937 has arrived with a new look. There has been some negative feedback about the new direction but there are some good things to look forward to.

Ducati may have the model number on their spec sheet but there is no 937 graphic on the bike. The new Monster is packed with great options and a powerful engine close to 1,000cc. And there is now only one Monster.

The new superbike is agile, has a sleek design, and is lightweight and compact. Its aluminium front frame helps keep the dry weight at just 166kg and Ducati promises customers the bike is easy to ride and handle while still being fast and fun.

Although the design is something you might hate because it doesn't fit Ducati's style, the bike does perform better. Also, Ducati believes in what they believe.

Let's look at the highlights of the New Monster 937, which weighs 18kg less than the previous model.

The engine, an L-Twin Desmodromic valve Testastretta, reduces the weight by 2.4kg. I have not tested it but a walk-around and engine start shows that the production quality is still top form. It is true that I don't like the look, but upon closer inspection, I've started to appreciate the new direction. The sound of the engine is still Ducati -- dry and rough. The new exhaust system also gives a little more aggressive style.

The double swingarm and aluminium alloy wheels also help reduce weight by 3.3kg, the monocoque frame further reduces it by 4.5kg, and the glass fibre reinforced polymer subframe helps get rid of another 1.9kg.

There are three riding modes -- Sport, Touring and Urban -- and each comes with a set of goodies to help riders. Moreover, there is cornering ABS, traction control, wheelie control and launch control (first time for the Monster). Lastly, the new Monster also offers a quickshifter.

The round-shaped full-LED headlight is modern and incorporates a daytime time running light system. The curved tank looks muscular, sculpted with a classic knee area that stretches towards the front wheel while the short tail was inspired by the Panigale V4.

The Ducati Monster has entered a new era and is trying to catch up by changing the design. It is up to you to accept it or not.

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