TC Max is an electric cafe racer

TC Max is an electric cafe racer

You might not be aware, but there were electric motorbikes on sale in Thailand a few years ago whose straight-line performance should not cloud judgement. Things have changed since then and the benchmark for what makes a great petrol bike doesn't quite line up with what makes a great electric one.

Super Soco TC Max. Super Soco TC Max

Super Soco TC Max. Super Soco TC Max

For the Super Soco TC Max, which received the Best Electric Motorbike title at the Move Electric Awards 2022 in partnership with OVO Energy, identifying where it performs best is fundamental.

If you're eyeing touring or have a massive commute, petrol still wins.

But in the right environment, the TC Max is a perfect choice. In 2021, Super Soco outsold major European and American brands and became the first totally electric brand to appear in the top 10 best-selling motorbike list in the United Kingdom.

Clean Vehicle Company (Thailand) is the country's distributor of Super Soco. Due to the benefits of lower import taxes and less international logistics costs, Super Soco's electric motorcycle plant in Thailand based in Nong Khai is key to this Australian-Chinese brand becoming one of the key players for electric motorcycles in the Thai market.

Super Soco TC Max. Super Soco TC Max

Super Soco TC Max. Super Soco TC Max

Most electric two-wheelers in the Thai market are scooters. The Super Soco TC (discontinued) and TC Max are the only naked bike café racer style that can be modified to scrambler or tracker styles, and now is the perfect time to introduce an improved performance model.

It is not breathtakingly beautiful, but it is far from being unattractive. If appearance is important to you and you're in the market for an electric motorcycle, your tastes may vary, but when compared to other competitors, the TC Max looks pretty good.

Mentioning upgraded features, it includes a massive 3,900W, 95kph capability, a range of 120km, and good suspension. Super Soco TC Max is the next electric motorcycle that Bangkok Post will put on the list for a test ride. It is available in three colours -- black and grey, black and red, and orange.

Super Soco TC Max. Super Soco TC Max

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