Triumph's future is electric

Triumph's future is electric

Triumph motorcycles has announced the completion of the TE-1 electric motorcycle development project, with the release of the final prototype test results that exceed the project objectives and demonstrate the incredible success of this unique collaboration.

The collaboration between Triumph, Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and WMG, University of Warwick, funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles through Innovate UK, was set up to create groundbreaking developments in electric motorcycle engineering and innovative integrated technology design.

The extensive live testing programme, which involved numerous assessments of the bike's performance on rolling roads, as well as track, provided vital direction into the final set-up and calibration of the TE-1 prototype demonstrator.


The live testing phase of the TE-1 has set new standards for the sector overall, including battery and range performance, paving the way for an exciting electric future for Triumph.

The motorcycle's battery offers a category-leading 161km range, with projected efficiency improvements in the motor generator unit and transmission that could improve the range even further.

With a level of performance similar to the current Speed Triple 1200, the TE-1 prototype delivers an impressive 130kW (177PS/175bhp) peak power, as well as peak torque of 109Nm, for instant responsiveness and smooth controlled power all the way through the rev range.

The TE-1 also has achieved an incredible standing start acceleration official test result of 3.6secs for 0-100kph and 6.2secs for 0-160kph.

With further refinement of the electronics, including the traction control system and front wheel lift control, the team responsible for delivering the TE-1 project anticipate that performance could be enhanced further, harnessing the full torque potential to enable even quicker standing start acceleration.

Daytona 200 champion racer Brandon Paasch participated in the final testing phase, helping to evaluate engine performance through track testing.

"The throttle response on the TE-1 is kind of incredible, it's very torquey and when you first touch the throttle it's instant power, which is obviously what I love as a motorcycle racer -- I love when it's super-torquey and picks up right away, so for me it was a really great experience," said Brandon. "I got to peg this thing all the way from zero to 100% throttle and it's unbelievably quick, it pulls like crazy."

Advances in battery and charging technologies have resulted in a game-changing 20-minute charge time (0-80%), successfully delivering against the ambitious targets laid out by Innovate UK, the government's research and innovation agency.

With an overall weight of 220kg, the TE-1 is lighter than other electric bikes by about 25%, giving it an competitive power-to-weight ratio. Having the physical size and scale comparable to the Street Triple, the TE-1 delivers a completely thrilling ride, while being confidence-inspiring, nimble and compact.

"I wish I'd had this at Daytona, that acceleration in this chassis, and how it corners -- wow!" said Paasch. "I think this would be a really nice motorcycle to ride on the street, just based on how nimble and agile it is, and how light it feels."

With a throttle action and torque delivery map directly engineered from a Speed Triple 1200 RS, the track testing and dynamic rider assessments on the TE-1 deliver a level of handling that matches Triumph's current triple cylinder internal combustion sports performance motorcycles.

The TE-1's exhilarating level of performance and acceleration, combined with its engaging and dynamic ride package result in a bike that delivers all of Triumph's signature feel, and world-renowned neutral handling -- a smooth, predictable ride that is agile and nimble, great in the corners, with a controllable power that incites confidence and guarantees fun.

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