New battery promises 1,000km range for electric vehicles

New battery promises 1,000km range for electric vehicles

Great Wall Motor's solid-state battery. Great Wall Motor
Great Wall Motor's solid-state battery. Great Wall Motor

A new battery developed by Great Wall Motor (GWM) could expand the range of electric vehicles to 1,000km per charge, the company announced recently.

The Chinese car manufacturer said it successfully developed a 20Ah sulfur-based solid-state prototype battery which could provide a boon to the electric vehicle market.

Once the batteries are put into mass production, they will have the ability to boost the maximum range of electric automobiles to more than 1,000km. The accomplishment demonstrates GWM's position as a leader in the xEV industry as well as the company's commitment to introducing breakthrough technologies in order to boost the level of convenience offered to customers.

SVOLT, the GWM subsidiary developing the new cells, first introduced the battery in April, with claims that it has an increased life cycle of 10% over lithium-ion batteries, an increased energy density of 5%, and a cost reduction of 15%. These sulfur-based solid-state cells are expected to dominate the next generation EV batteries as they are superior to lithium-ion batteries in every metric.

"The current pain point for many EV users is the concern about the battery, which could affect motorists' journeys and driving experience. Our researchers have continuously explored different materials and options to create an innovative battery to deal with that pain point and ease users' convenience as they will no longer have to stop at any charging stations on the way to a remote destination," said Narong Sritalayon, GWM's managing director in Thailand.

SVOLT's team and a number of top scientific research institutions are working together to tackle the key problems, including overcoming the technical problems to provide a better driving experience to consumers.

SVOLT said it intends to enhance the amount of research and development work on solid-state batteries in order to provide a firm foundation for mass production.

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