Triumph 1200 gets safety, ride comfort upgrades

Triumph 1200 gets safety, ride comfort upgrades

Triumph has introduced the latest Tiger 1200, featuring a new generation of T-plane triple engines, a practical shaft drive set-up and exceptional long-distance comfort.

The Tiger 1200 line-up includes the Rally Pro priced at 972,000 baht and the Rally Explorer priced at 1.039 million baht.

Triumph's new touring adventure model comes with a full LED headlight plus a distinctive new signature daytime running light. Additional visibility and illumination while cornering are provided by lean-sensitive adaptive cornering lights, which come as standard on both models.

The Tiger's new frame, which is 5.4kg lighter than the previous design, features a bolt-on aluminium rear sub-frame and bolt-on pillion hangers, enhancements developed from customer feedback.

There is a redesigned aluminium fuel tank and the all-new tri-link swingarm is 1.5kg lighter and stronger than the previous single-sided design and contains a smaller and lighter shaft drive and bevel box.

All of the new 1200s feature updated seat and tank ergonomics that provide the rider with increased confidence at low speeds and non-riding manoeuvres, as well as enhanced comfort and control. The seat has been slimmed down at the front, where it meets the tank, in order to achieve this.

Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer in Snowdonia White.

Tiger 1200 Rally Pro in Sapphire Black.

Power comes from a three-cylinder engine that is all-new, including the bore and stroke, crank, cylinder head, gearbox and clutch, shaft drive and bevel box.

Technically, the T-plane crank delivers the new Tiger 1200 engine firing pulses at 180, 270, and 270 degrees, creating one short gap and two long gaps between firing, improving character and tractability at low revs.

The 1160cc engine brings a major step up in performance with 150PS peak power at 9,000rpm, 9PS up on the previous generation. The torque is also significantly higher than the previous generation, with 130Nm of peak torque at 7,000rpm, 8Nm up on the previous engine.

The new generation is more than 25kg lighter than the previous Tiger, and about 17kg lighter than the closest shaft drive competition.

For this new generation, each Tiger 1200 is now equipped with specific wheel diameters that are adapted to the adventures desired by various riders. On the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, a 21in/18in front/rear tubeless spoked setup provides exceptional off-road performance. Rally variants are equipped with Metzeler Karoo Street tyres for true all-terrain performance. Michelin Anakee Wild is the recommended tyre for advanced off-roading.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer. Triumph

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer. Triumph

All Tiger 1200 models are equipped with Brembo Stylema brakes for strong and progressive performance. These have been chosen to fulfil the needs of long-distance road riding and the Rally models' advanced off-road adventure capability.

All new models have an "optimised cornering" ABS system supported by a sophisticated IMU (inertial measurement unit) that continuously measures the motorcycle's movement to calculate the bike's lean angle and deliver the best ABS intervention. Progressive feel and reach-adjustable Magura HC-1 levers improve rider comfort and control.


More than 25kg lighter than the previous generation

New lightweight frame with bolt-on rear aluminium subframe

New lighter and stronger tri-link swingarm

Up to 17kg lighter than the closest shaft drive competition

21in front / 18in rear tubeless spoked set-up

New fuel tank capacities: 20 litre (Rally Pro), 30 litre (Rally Explorer)

Brembo Stylema monobloc brakes

Optimised cornering ABS with IMU

Advanced Showa semi-active suspension set-up tuned for maximum road and off-road capability

Slimmer and more compact overall design

New rider ergonomics designed

Adjustable seat height

T-plane Triple Engine

New 1160cc triple engine

Power 150PS@9,000rpm

Torque 130Nm@7,000rpm

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer. Triumph

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