Royal Enfield Thailand chapter hosts reunion party

Royal Enfield Thailand chapter hosts reunion party


A few weeks after Rider Mania in Goa, Royal Enfield Thailand organised the Reunion party and invited 220 people to ride from Bangkok to Nakhon Nayok. Dusit Sema-ngoen, photographer and blogger of 701 Moto Vlog, captured some memorable moments.


The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 was my ride this time, and credit goes to Royal Enfield Asoke for preparing it in good condition. It was my first time riding the Hunter and I think it is perfect for a new rider. It's very light, friendly and has a good design. My favourite function is the on-off run switch which reminded me of an old steam iron, and it works really well.

With my height of 180cm, the Hunter seemed a little bit small, but its size is perfect for busy cities like Bangkok. However, for long-distance rides in Thailand, you need to plan carefully before overtaking other vehicles because the top speed is only about 110kph.

Nevertheless, for a price starting at 129,000 baht, I don't think anybody will complain.

Reunion Thailand 2022

Hundreds of Royal Enfield motorcycles cruised from Bangkok to Nakhon Nayok province to join the biggest get-together of the year.

The location isn't too far from Bangkok and there were a lot of activities including many world-class product partners related to motorcycle lifestyles. Royal Enfield also organised fun games for everybody to battle in a friendly way. The day ended with dinner along with stage activities, a DJ and a performance by Thai alt-rock band Modern Dog.

It is clear that Royal Enfield creates an enjoyable lifestyle for customers. It's not just about enjoying the ride against the wind with amazing views, but also extending the meaning of riding a little bit further.

In this case, the attractive destination, music and games made up the heart of this Royal Enfield Reunion Thailand 2022. This time, there were only 220 riders, but next time there will be more.

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