Pichai Chuensuksawadi

Chairman, Bangkok Post Foundation

The Bangkok Post newspaper celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. As the oldest newspaper in Thailand, our role remains unchanged since the first, four-page edition rolled off the presses back on 1 August 1946.

02For seven decades the Bangkok Post has sought to serve Thai society by telling stories, explaining what they mean and where possible, predict what will happen next across a broad spectrum of political, economic and social issues.

We have also sought to inspire debate, discussion and commented on crucial issues and trends — both good and bad — as Thailand grew, developed and changed. We have also sought to educate and entertain.

Over the past two decades, the Bangkok Post has embraced the Internet; digital and social media. This means our reach far exceeds the printed circulation.

And no matter what changes occur in the future, the Bangkok Post will continue to serve its readers in a fair and balanced manner without a set agenda. It will continue to be honest, admit and correct mistakes which may and do occur.

But our role goes beyond the news, analysis, comment and information. The Bangkok Post seeks to give back to Thai society. And we have been doing this for the past 34 years through the Bangkok Post Foundation.

01Our foundation, established in 1982, has provided education scholarships to over 600 needy Thai students across the country. Currently 234 students are receiving support. To date 97 have graduated from university. This funding comes from readers’ donations and charitable events we organise each year.

Many of the recipients are from broken homes. They are poor. They are not academically brilliant. All we ask of our recipients is that they want to study and learn. Once a student becomes a recipient of a Bangkok Post Foundation scholarship, they will receive support until they finish university. There are no strings attached to  students who receive support from the foundation. All we hope is that, if possible, they give back to Thai society.

There is no better way to explain or understand the impact of readers’ donations than to read the stories of the recipients themselves. Their words, their stories, tell it all. Reading their stories makes all our efforts worthwhile.

So on behalf of these students, our sincere thanks to everyone who has donated and participated in our charitable events over the past three decades.

Thank you for choosing the Bangkok Post Foundation as a vehicle to serve and give back to Thai society. We hope you will continue to do so for many more decades to come.