Holidays affect online shoppers’ behaviour

Holidays affect online shoppers’ behaviour

Holidays and festive seasons in Thailand have an important role in the e-commerce industry so merchants are urged to plan well for each holiday, according to a study by price-comparison website operator iPrice Thailand.

The company used the data it compiled between April 17, 2016 to Wednesday to identify trends and insights into which holidays or events affected the consumption of Thai people.

It found Visakha Bucha day,  the latest public holiday on Wednesday, did not have a great influence on the shopping behaviour as indicated by only a slight decrease in online consumption.

“Contrary to expectations, Buddhists in Thailand did not travel much on Visakha Bucha day. The reason is because the holiday was in the middle of the week, consumers barely took a long holiday. Therefore, e-commerce was not affected by the holiday,” iPrice said in its latest study.

During the long holidays between Dec 31, 2016, and Jan 1, 2017, the online utilisation started to shift after 7pm as people begin to go out to celebrate or count down to the New Year. Hence, the consumption on Dec 31 after 7pm was 30% lower than that of the following day.

For Songkran during April 13 to 17, research shows a decrease of online consumers for all age groups with the highest drop of 24% in consumers aged 18-24.

On the other hand, there was no significant change in online consumption of people aged 55 and over. This age group took Songkran as a relaxing holiday in which they spend time at home so their online behavior remained the same. 

Online consumption decreased tremendously on Oct 13, 2016 when His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away. The online consumption of people in Bangkok on that day dropped over 27% and 16% for other cities.

“One of the most popular items during that period was black and white clothes. Because there was a high demand, merchants overcharged the item. However, e-commerce stores saw it as an opportunity to sell black and white clothes at a fair price,” the company said.

Dec 12, the kick-off date for the festive season, was the only period during the year that showed a 31% jump in traffic -- 35% on desktop PCs, 19% on mobile phones and 35% on tablets.

iPrice said as more customers did online shopping from mobile devices, vendors need to improve their capability to better serve them.

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