AIS launches creative hub for startups, creative folk

AIS launches creative hub for startups, creative folk

Thailand's largest mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) has launched a creative centre to attract those keen on technology, design and business knowledge.

The co-working space is designed to provide full support to startups and those filled with creative ideas, and aims to become a leading world-class creator community.

AIS has partnered with Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) to establish the new playground "AIS D.C." (AIS Design Centre) in the heart of Bangkok for the young generation to be inspired by the worlds of new technologies, design and business.

This new space was created for startups and creative people to share their ideas, inspiration, and knowledge, and form their own businesses.

The establishment of the AIS D.C. venue reflects the company's concept, Digital for Thais, which has a strong commitment to making the new generation the main driving force of the Thailand 4.0 era.

AIS has set an ambitious goal to transform the AIS D.C. into a world-class creator community. The venue is fully outfitted with the top-notch technologies, innovation, and digital tools for creating promising products and services.

The AIS D.C. consists of six zones -- a library, meeting rooms, an exhibition area, a seminar/workshop zone, a studio and a playground -- all wired up with broadband internet boasting gigabyte-level connection speeds.

In the library, more than 10,000 design and technology magazines and e-books can be found.

Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS acting chief marketing officer, said the co-working space represents the first time in Asia programme developers and startups have been able to try API connection systems on their products and services with the AIS digital platform.

More than 100 test devices are also available there free of charge.

Moreover, the zone offers a simulation of a notebook-IoT network on which programme developers can test their IoT equipment and services with the advice of AIS experts standing by.

"We've realised the new generation has a strong intention to open their own businesses. This trend is in line with the national agenda of supporting potential startups and turning them into the new driving engine of Thailand's economy," he said.

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